Your cigar ashtrays can make a statement! They can be simple or you can make them a centerpiece when you gather with friends.

Ashtrays for cigars are designed to allow your cigar to burn evenly when not in your hand. If you have to set your cigar down for a few moments you can place it on the ashtray rest. This will allow it to burn evenly while at rest. Then when you are ready to continue, your cigar will be too.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Single cigar, double cigar, triple cigar and even four cigar rest ashtrays. Were positive we have one that will suit your needs.

We even carry a couple 3 and 4 cigar ashtrays that have a built in cigar cutter that will mount right into the ashtray making your ashtray into a tabletop cigar cutter! How cool is that?

Cigar Ashtrays