Small Cigar Humidors

Cigar Star offers a wide range of small cigar humidors, which can typically store between five and 25 cigars.

Our small cigar humidors also make for great travel humidors which are ideal for bringing your cigars with you while you travel or to an event. If you are just starting out, small cigar humidors may be a good option as a beginner cigar humidor. Once you know this hobby is for you, consider getting a medium or large cigar humidor.

Starting with small cigar humidors will allow you to start off slow with your cigar collection, down the road it can be used as a travel humidor.  One can also use small humidors to store select cigars that you want to keep separate from your other cigars.

Either way, if you want to keep only a few cigars on hand, you will need a small humidor to keep them fresh over time. We also stock small travel cigar humidors that are airtight – storing anywhere from five to fifteen cigars. Whichever humidors you choose, you cannot go wrong with our 30-day money back offer. Shop the latest selection of small cigar humidors today at Cigar Star.