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Treasured Memories 150 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor LESS THAN PERFECT


Less than perfect. This humidor has minor flaws. It seals perfect and will age your cigars. The flaws are minor. GREAT DEAL!

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Cigar Star Treasured Memories Limited Edition Cigar Humidor.

Made from RICH OAK, SAPELI & WALNUT, 100% handcrafted from these exotic hand picked pieces of wood with outstanding wood grain patterns, which SCREAM DETAIL.
Oak throughout the humidor, Walnut wood cigar leaf inlay on top with Sapeli highlight inlays. Extreme attention to detail.

This humidors interior is as equally as impressive.
Will fit in any decor! Mirror gloss finish exterior & kiln dried Spanish cedar interior.

Cigar Star® Humidors are essential for keeping your cigars at their best! They are designed to perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which the most exquisite cigars are grown, fermented and rolled.

AMAZING 150 Cigar Total RICH OAK, SAPELI & WALNUT inlays.
Hygrometer placed on outside front of humidor for easy hassle free reading. It will store up to 150 cigars.

Treasured Memories 150 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor®

  • Hand Crafted in Beautiful Oak, Walnut, & Sapeli, High gloss mirror and multiple lacquer finish “15 coats”
  • Cigar Star Limited Edition Series 100% handcrafted inlays.
  • Brass hinges and hardware.
  • 1 Brass keys with a brass lock, to keep your cigars safe.
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar.
  • 2 Spanish cedar movable dividers.
  • Amazing inlay on front, top and back of humidor.
  • 1 large easy recharge humidifier system.
  • Hygrometer placed on outside front of humidor.
  • 1 removable Spanish cedar tray.
  • Felt on bottom for scratch resistance.
  • 6 1/2” in height
  • 15” length
  • 10” in width
  • Quality, Quality, Quality!!
  • Comes with 5yr warranty and instructions on how to activate your humidor.
  • Limited QTY.

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