Cigar Ashtrays

Your cigar ashtray can make a statement in your home! You can choose an elaborate cigar ashtray to use as the centerpiece for your next social gathering or keep the design simple. Whatever your style, Cigar Star has the right ashtray for your cigars.

Cigar Ashtrays Designed for an Even Burn

Cigar Ashtrays are designed to allow your cigar to burn evenly, even when they are not in your hand. If you have to set your cigar down for a moment you can place it on the cigar rest and then when you are ready to continue enjoying your cigar, your cigar will be ready too.

Explore Quality Cigar Ashtrays

At Cigar Star, we offer an extensive selection of cigar ashtrays in a variety of shapes and sizes. With our collection of single cigar, double cigar, triple cigar, and four cigar ashtrays, we are positive that we have perfect ashtray to suit your needs. For added convenience, we carry a small selection of three and four cigar rest ashtrays that have a built in cigar cutter that transforms your cigar ashtray into a tabletop cigar cutter!

Shop Cigar Ashtrays

Shop the Cigar Star collection of premium cigar ashtrays today to add style to your cigars, while maintaining their flavor by allowing an even burn.

Porcelain Two Cigar Art Design Cigar Ashtray

Your premium cigars deserve a premium cigar ashtray.  This outstanding ashtray will fit in any smokers room, Makes the perfect gift for the cigar enthusiast.


Stunning High Gloss Black with Gold Accents Two Cigar Ashtrays

Black & Gold Cigar Ashtrays. High gloss black ceramic cigar ashtrays, highlighted with gold accents fit any room.


Cigar Rest Polished The Repose

“These Cigar Rests are manufactured from high quality aluminum. “Designed by Quality ” these accessories are next to impossible to break, so you can be sure that your investment will last a lifetime!”


Leather Cigar Rest Black

“These Cigar Rests are manufactured from high quality leather with a button”


Leather Cigar Rest Brown

“These Cigar Rests are manufactured from high quality leather with a button”


Cigar Ashtray Cherry with Leather Wrap and Free Bonus Cutter

Huge, 4 cigar ashtray with free bonus cutter inside. Hand Crafted Cigar Ashtray.



Stunning porcelain Cigar Star cigar ashtray that accommodates two (2) cigars. It is nice and deep for the ash, and allows the cigar to burn evenly. Incredible quality and style.