Cigar Star

Cigar Humidors and Cigar Accessories Shipped From Canada

Boveda 62% 4 gram 10 pack for Herbal

The 4 gram pack is the appropriate size for smaller enclosed spaces, the perfect fit with our very own bud coffins. 


Boveda 65 % 60 Gram Pack

Boveda 65% The Global leader in  2-way Humidity Control for Cigar Humidors!

$5.95 $4.95

Boveda Butler / Smart Sensor with Calibration Kit

The Boveda Butler is the best innovation for premium cigars since the invention of Boveda! The “Boveda Butler” lets you see what’s going on inside your humidor without having to open the lid right on your phone. Yep there is an App for that!

$59.99 $39.95

Boveda Spanish Cedar Holder for 2 Packs

The perfect Spanish cedar Boveda holder. Will hold two 60 gram Boveda packets.


Boveda Spanish Cedar Holder with 2 Boveda packs

The perfect Spanish cedar Boveda holder. comes with two 60 gram Boveda packets.


Classic Black Cigar Humidor For 120 Cigars.

Some think that by having a glass top humidor you lose humidity through the glass. For the record we do not agree, but have nevertheless designed our popular Black Showcase Humidor without the glass.


Cuban Cigar Ashtray Ceramic Two Cigar

Are you looking for the perfect Cuban cigar ashtray to match your Cuban cigars? Featured on this yellow Cuban style Ashtray is none other than Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

$65.00 $42.99

Luxury Cigar Case Aluminum Cigar Protector Replacement

BRAND NEW Aluminum Luxury Cigar Case tray. This tray is made for our Luxury cigar case. Will never rust, light weight, sturdy.  MADE IN CANADA


Porcelain Two Cigar Art Design Cigar Ashtray

Your premium cigars deserve a premium cigar ashtray.  This outstanding ashtray will fit in any smokers room, Makes the perfect gift for the cigar enthusiast.

$65.00 $34.99

Stunning High Gloss Black with Gold Accents Two Cigar Ashtrays

Black & Gold Cigar Ashtrays. High gloss black ceramic cigar ashtrays, highlighted with gold accents fit any room.

$50.00 $32.99

Boketto Limited Edition Humidor Powered with Boveda

Boketto Humidor is one of our best cigar humidor. This unique luxury handcrafted marquetry work of art design which boosts an optical illusion made from wood.


Ucana 60 Cigar Humidor Ebony with Tamo Ash Powered By Boveda

Ebony adorned with exquisite Tamo Ash wood veneer inlay dyed green adds our signature Cigar Star flare. This makes the perfect desktop cigar humidor for home or office use. This humidor will store up to 60 cigars.


Black Pearl Goblin Butane Lighter Torch

If you need of a butane lighter for your cigars or cigarette then you’ve reached the proper place to ensure that your needs are meet.


Chava Blu Limited Edition Humidor. Powered with BOVEDA

Chava Blue Limited Edition Humidor. This unique luxury handcrafted marquetry design work of art which boosts an optical illusion made from wood.


Heritage 2.0 60 Cigar Humidor Spectacular Walnut Burl Powered with Boveda

Improvement’s never stop at Cigar Star. Our Heritage 2.0 has been made using hand picked Walnut Burl with Spanish cedar inside. Includes a built in pull out drawer for all your accessories. Powered with the global leader in two-way humidity for peace of mind!


Black Showcase II Glass Top Humidor

Black Showcase Cigar humidor with Spanish cedar inlay inside Spanish cedar air flow rack, a beautiful matte finish on the outside. Solid Black in color and is accented with a see through glass lid to showcase your cigars.


Cigar Humidor ELITE 120 Cigar Star Limited Edition

Havana blue, Black, Burgundy, And golden brown art deco design. Using many rare exotic woods for the inlay design.
This humidor has attention to detail; the inlay pattern is one of a kind in humidors.


Classic Bubinga 120 Cigar Humidor

Some think having a glass top humidor, you loose humidity through the glass, “for the record we do not agree” Therefor we have designed our popular Showcase Humidor without the glass.


Subtle Grey Double Blade Cigar Cutter

This design is straightforward, with a simple two-toned yellow design with black handles.  This cutter will match your energy and optimism.


Stainless Steel Goblin Cigar Star Jet Engine Torch Lighter

If you need of a butane lighter for your cigars or cigarette then you’ve reached the proper place to ensure that your needs are meet.


The Deniro Limited Edition Humidor holds 60 Cigars

In the market for a luxury cigar humidor Canada? No need to break the bank to afford this luxury hand crafted masterpiece cigar humidor. Order yours today!


Huge Colossal Royal 350-400 Limited Edition Crystal Bead Humidifier’s ONLY

Only the highest quality kiln dried Spanish cedar was used inside this huge cigar humidor. Including Spanish cedar air flow grate on the bottom that ensures even distribution of humidity. Details need to be seen to be appreciated, the wood grains enhanced from every angle.
Form and function make this a top pick for any cigar aficionado.