Luxury Cigar Ashtrays

When it comes to relaxing and smoking one of your favorite cigars, you deserve a premium experience. From the ambiance of the room, to pairing your cigar with a perfect beverage, every little detail lends itself to creating the experience you deserve, right down to the cigar ashtray you’re using. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your cigar smoking experience with Cigar Star’s luxury and premium ashtrays.

Cigar Ashtrays Made with Premium Materials

Not all ashtrays are created equal. But when you shop our premium cigar ashtrays at Cigar Star, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a top-quality ashtray. Explore luxury ashtrays made of porcelain, ceramic, other high-end materials, or a one-of-a-kind model, which not only look great, but make for a perfect accessory for cigar enthusiasts.

One-of-a-Kind Premium Ashtrays

What makes one of Cigar Star’s luxury ashtrays different from a conventional ashtray that you could find anywhere? These ashtrays do more than just look great and fit into any smoker’s room – they also offer convenient placeholders where smokers can set the cigar in between puffs. And the bowl part of the ashtray is deep enough to adequately accommodate any and all ash. They’re easy to clean and long-lasting, and above all, they can make for a great conversation starter when you enjoy a cigar with a fellow enthusiast or collector.

Shop Premium and Luxury Cigar Ashtrays

Browse Cigar Star’s collection of premium ashtrays for you to enjoy your cigars in luxury. These cigar ashtrays will be the focus of any cigar gathering. With a range of luxury ashtrays in stock, you’ll find that perfect accent piece for any smoker's room.