Cigar Cabinet Humidors

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Cigar enthusiasts agree that owning a cabinet humidor makes storing and aging your cigars much easier. While you may already have a humidor for your cigars, it’s likely that when your cigar collection grows, you may need to upgrade in size to a larger cabinet-style humidor. When all your cigars are in one place, it is easier to monitor the temperature and maintain the optimal relative humidity inside your humidors, enhancing the natural flavor and smell of your cigars. An added benefit to cabinet humidors is that they allow you to buy boxes of cigars at discounted prices due to their ability to store large quantities.

Quality Cabinet Humidors

Cigar Star's high-quality cabinet humidors provide excellent value. All our cabinet humidors come standard with four brick crystal humidifiers to ensure the perfect amount of humidity is always maintained. Combining detailed craftsmanship with exotic woods for a sophisticated design, our cabinet humidors come with a kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior that will perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which the most exquisite and top-quality cigars are grown, fermented and rolled. Cigars are like a fine wine - when stored properly in a quality cigar humidor, they will only get better with age.

In addition to enhancing the flavor of your cigar collection, a high-quality cabinet humidor from Cigar Star will enhance the surroundings of any room you decide to place it. Cigar Star also proudly offers customers a full satisfaction money-back guarantee - so you can rest assured you're investing in a quality cabinet humidor. Now any Cigar aficionado can have it all.

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