Cannabis Humidors

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, there have been many questions regarding the proper way to store cannabis. The key point to keep in mind regarding the legalization of marijuana is ensuring that personal cannabis it is kept safely away and out of reach of children.

At Cigar Star, we have been designing and manufacturing cigar humidors for almost twenty years, so you can trust the quality design and industry-leading manufacturing of our weed humidors.

Our cannabis humidors are designed using Mahogany or Spanish cedar. This wood retains humidity, allowing your cannabis to remain fresh. Also, our weed humidors and humidifiers are designed to hold 62% RH. They also feature safety locks that keep your cannabis out of reach of children.

Cigar Star cannabis humidors are specifically designed for cannabis storage. Using Spanish cedar or Mahogany and humidifiers that will maintain a perfect 62% relative humidity level for your cannabis. Additionally, Cigar Star cannabis humidors are designed as works of art to beautifully display within your home, all while keeping your cannabis products safe and fresh for longer.  Shop High Quality Cannabis Humidors.

 Shop High Quality Cannabis Humidors 

Do you want to keep your cannabis buds in the perfect protected environment? Browse the latest selection of quality weed humidors from Cigar Star.