Small Cigar Humidors

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Cigar Star offers a wide range of cigar humidors, ranging from large to small. If you are just starting your cigar collection, a small humidor may be a good option, as a small humidor can store 5 to 25 cigars, depending on the size of the model. A small cigar humidor is not only small enough to travel with but will also allow you to start your cigar collection off slow. An added bonus of owning a small humidor is that if you decide to grow your cigar collection and consider getting a medium or large cigar humidor, your small humidor is great for travelling and storing your cigars on-the-go.

Quality Small Cigar Humidors

Our small cigar humidors make for great travel humidors allowing you to bring your cigars with you on vacation or to an event. We design quality small travel cigar humidors with airtight seals to store anywhere from 5 to 25 cigars. One can also use small humidors to store select cigars that you want to keep separate from your other cigars.

Whether you are a beginner or casual cigar smoker, if you want to keep only a few cigars on hand, investing in a quality small humidor will ensure your cigars are kept fresh over time. Whichever humidor you choose, you cannot go wrong with our 30-day money back offer. Shop the latest selection of small cigar humidors today at Cigar Star.

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