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Perfect for any cigar lover or enthusiast, unique cigar gift sets and cigar gifts are great for any occasion. In our cigar gift sets, we offer upgraded tools, cigar accessories and harder to find items for your cigar humidor. We know not every town has a great cigar shop with an assortment of accessories, which is why we have put together some of our top-selling products and our favorite accessories into cigar gift sets to make shopping for the cigar-lover in your life a breeze.

You choose what you smoke with loving care, so why shouldn’t you do the same with your accessories? Each and every product in these collections is hand chosen by our knowledgeable team in order to make your cigar smoking experiences more special and flavorful.

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Ultimate Full Grain Leather Case Includes Full Line of Every Accessory To Fill Every Pocket

Ultimate Full Grain Leather Case. Choose your color. We fill Every pocket with the full Line of Accessories.
You get 1 Full Grain Leather case, V-Cut cutter, Straight cutter, punch cutter, Leather cigar rest, Goblin Torch Lighter & Perfect Draw Tool All in one.
Bundle & save  over $100

Limited Time Holiday Offer.


Perfect Draw Cigar Every Time. Precision Draw Enhancer

There’s just about nothing worse than lighting up one of your favorite cigars only to discover it has an impossible draw. Fortunately, after today you won’t have to worry about that problem ever again. The Cigar Star Precision Draw Enhancer is a handy tool to create the perfect draw in any cigar.


Ultimate Cigar Lover’s Gift Set Red

Have you struggled to find the Ultimate cigar gift set? Cigar Star has added organization to one’s cigar accessories.


Ultimate Cigar Lover’s Gift Set Yellow

Have you struggled to find the Ultimate cigar gift set? Cigar Star has added organization to one’s cigar accessories.


2 Cigar Black Leather Telescopic Travel Case

This case is made from the finest Italian leather, black in color. It will hold 2 Churchill size cigars, although this is a telescopic case so you can store 2 smaller cigars.


Travel Cigar Case Ostrich with Bonus Cutter

3 cigar Ostrich style  telescopic Travel case with bonus cutter.
Great for any size cigar! 60 Ring gauge and under!


Spanish Cedar Tray

Spanish cedar cigar humidor tray is great for someone wanting to make their own humidor or add to their current coolidor or wineidor or cigar humidor.