Cigar Humidifiers

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Why is a humidifier such a vital part of the cigar humidor environment? Like your home, you need to continuously maintain the proper humidity level for you to be comfortable and avoid dry, cracking skin. The same thought applies to your cigar humidor and collection of cigars. A cigar humidifier is a device that helps maintain the proper level of humidity within your humidor to ensure your cigars aren’t too moist or too dry. Keeping the optimal relative humidity in your cigar humidor ensures that your cigar collection maintains its quality of flavor and smell.

Not all cigar humidifiers are created equally. With so many unique styles and designs on the market, it may be hard to decide which style of cigar humidifier is best for your needs.

Types of Cigar Humidifiers

Sponge-Based Cigar Humidifiers

Traditionally, sponge-based cigar humidifiers were considered the standard among cigar collectors. Sponge-based humidifiers can help maintain the humidity levels within your humidor, but today are considered outdated as they tend to not last as long or maintain the optimal relative humidity as other humidifiers on the market.

Crystal Humidifiers

Crystal humidifiers use polymer crystals to absorb water and slowly release moisture inside your humidor, maintaining the correct ambient humidity levels. This style of cigar humidifier is a popular option for beginner or intermediate cigar lovers.

Electronic Cigar Humidifiers

Electronic cigar humidifiers are considered the superior choice when it comes to humidity control. They are widely used by cigar aficionados. With an electronic humidifier, you take the guesswork out of cigar storage, by simply setting the desired humidity level of your humidor. These humidifiers remove any uncertainty involved with maintaining a proper humidity level, however, due to their technology and ease of use, can carry a slightly higher price tag.

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All the above humidifiers provide the proper moisture necessary to ensure the freshness of your cigars. There are many different humidifiers options, suited for any cigar collector.

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