Cigar Cutter

Your cigar cutter is as important as the cigar its self. Weather you use a cigar punch or a cigar cutter. We offer many affordable options to choose from.

Cutting your cigars correctly mean that you will have a better drawing and tasting cigar. Just cut about 2 mm off the head of the cigar to avoid unraveling.

A cigar cutter with Double Guillotine blades that are self-sharpening, are better than a single blade cigar cutter.  As it will maximize comfort and give you that perfect cut every time.

The object of cutting your cigar is to create an ample, clean cut and smooth opening for drawing on your cigar, which in turn creates an even burn.

Another option is that you can use a cigar punch, this tool is a great way to give you a perfect draw hole every time as well.

Take your cigar and make the tip “head” of the cigar damp, then just take the punch and slowly screw it side to side until you see 2mm of the punch inside the head. Pull the punch out and you should have a perfect draw hole.

From Cutters To Tools Used From Opening Cigar Boxes. You will find them here!