Cigar Humidifier Solution

Cigar humidifier solution is considered an integral component in keeping your cigars fresh and flavorful within your humidor. Cigar humidifier solution actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria and work to maintain the quality of your cigar collection.

How Does Humidification Solution Work?

When using cigar humidifier solution your humidifier becomes self-adjusting to ambient humidity levels. It will automatically stabilize the interior environment of your cigar humidor to the optimal relative humidity level by absorbing moisture when humidity levels rise above over 70% and emitting moisture when internal humidity falls below 70%. Cigar Star’s humidifier solution is a great option for cigar collectors looking to maintain their cigars without the worry of rising and falling humidity levels.

Typically, humidor solution is made up of 50% distilled water and 50% propylene glycol solution. At Cigar Star, our Humidor solution is manufactured in a Health Canada certified pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Each bottle of solution is given a unique lot number and is developed using GMP manufacturing to create the leading cigar humidifier solution on the Canadian market.

Shop Quality Cigar Humidifier Solution 

At Cigar Star, we guarantee premium quality manufacturing not only in our cigar humidifiers and accessories but also in our quality-made cigar humidifier solution. Browse Cigar Star’s extensive selection of cigar humidifier solution today.