Cigar Cutter Ashtray

Imagine your friends are over to enjoy good company with a premium cigar. Your friends sit down in the middle of the living area, and you cut your cigar using the table top cutter that is also your ashtray for your cigars.

Unique Cigar Cutter Ashtrays

These unique cigar ashtrays have built-in guillotine cutters that turn your ashtray into a tabletop cigar cutter. The cigar cutter ashtray is designed with a slot that perfectly fits the cigar cutter to transform the ordinary ashtray into an extraordinary centerpiece. The premium, unique design of our cigar cutter ashtrays allows for three to four cigars to burn on their own using large stainless steel cigar rests.

Quality Designed Cigar Ashtrays with Guillotine Cutters

A great deal of thought went into these cigar ashtrays not only in looks, but form and function. With the guillotine cigar cutter designed with sharp blades and the removable stainless steel tray is held tightly in place by magnets to allow for easy clean up, the cigar cutter ashtray is quality both in form and function. Just pick up the tray and dump the ashes after your are finished your cigar.

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