Large Humidors

Large humidors are for the serious cigar lover. Cigar Star’s large humidors are essential for keeping your growing cigar collection at its best in both smell and flavor, while aging them perfectly. Our large humidors will often store over 200 cigars, keeping them safe and secure, while also maintaining the essential humidity level that keep your cigars fresh for longer.

Quality Large Cigar Humidors

For cigar aficionados looking for a larger size humidor to accommodate a growing cigar collection, trust the high-quality large cigar humidors from Cigar Star. Made from premium woods and humidor components, our selection of larger humidors are industry-leading humidors designed for real cigar lovers with growing collections of 150, to 200 or more cigars.

Shop Large Humidors

Shop Cigar Star’s extensive selection of high-quality large humidors.

Havana Dreams 2.0 Digital 200 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor

Havana Dreams 200 Cigar Humidor was inspired by Cuban culture made from Bubinga wood with incredible detailed inlays that will amaze any woodworker. Beveled Glass lid.
Extreme Quality. With all the upgrades!


Vermillion 110 Cigar Humidor Cigar Star Limited Edition

Vermillion humidor will store up to 110 cigars. Made from exotic Padouk wood and finished off with 15 coats of lacquer. Four Spanish cedar dividers, airflow rack, lock and keys.