Humidors are an essential part of keeping your cigars or cannabis fresh. A Cigar Star humidor is designed to maintain the freshness of your cigars, and will perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which most exquisite cigars are grown, fermented, and rolled, ensuring that they only get better with age.

A humidor is truly a piece of art! Cigar Star’s wooden humidors are made with exotic woods from around the world with rich, vibrant wood grains, designed to retain the optimal relative humidity needed for cigars. Trust your fine collection of cigars inside a quality handcrafted humidor.

We source only the highest quality Spanish cedar on the market, as this is a key component to craft the perfect, quality humidor. With guaranteed airtight seals, our humidity controlled humidors ensure your cigars stay fresh over time.

If you want to ensure that your cigars are resting in the perfect environment, choosing a Cigar Star humidor will give you peace of mind. Shop our collection of premium cigar humidors today.

Black Showcase 3.0 Glass Top Humidor

Black Showcase Cigar humidor with Spanish cedar inlay inside Spanish cedar air flow rack,  digital hygrometer, a beautiful matte finish on the outside. Solid Black in color and is accented with a see through glass lid to showcase your cigars.


Humidor Starter Kit

Cigar Star Starter humidor with Case & Cutter. This makes the perfect gift! 50 Cigar total. Made with a Rosewood exterior. Comes with a cutter and travel case. Perfect for starting your collection of cigars.


Glass Top Humidor Showcase II Bubinga

OUR BEST SELLER RETURNS WITH EVEN HIGHER QUALITY. BUBINGA Cigar humidor with Spanish cedar inlay inside and a beautiful matte finish on the outside. Exotic BUBINGA wood, cherry red in color and is accented with a see through glass lid to showcase your cigars. Digital hygrometer that you can calibrate.


Boketto Limited Edition Humidor Powered with Boveda

Boketto Humidor is one of our best cigar humidor. This unique luxury handcrafted marquetry work of art design which boosts an optical illusion made from wood.


Blue Havana Limited Edition 150 Cigar Humidor with digital hygrometer Powered By Boveda

A masterpiece of a cigar humidor. After seeing others copy our designs over the past few years, we knew we had to take our humidors to the next level. Being Canadian we wanted to place a piece our country into this humidor. Inspired from Cuban culture with vibrant color, hand crafted from Birdseye Maple died blue with a natural Canadian Maple inlay on the top of the lid inlay with a Walnut Cigar and our very own Star logo as the cigar band. We also incorporated an amazing collage of natural maple and walnut inlays that surround the top lid, front and sides of this outstanding cigar humidor.


Cigar Aficionado Gabeto Humidor For Your Cuban Collection

Love Cuban Cigars? Then this is the perfect resting place for your Cuban collection.  Cuban flag design made from real wood, stained in vibrant colors, then laser cut and hand inlaid.

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary!


Cigar Star Signature Series 125 Cigar Humidor

Where luxury and practicality come together, painstakingly handcrafted using geometry in the finest zebra wood, contrast Canadian maple boarder around the lid and body of the humidor. Powered by the global leader in two-way humidity Boveda cedar holder, seasoning and maintenance packs plus digital hygrometer included.


Ucana 60 Cigar Humidor Ebony with Tamo Ash Powered By Boveda

Ebony adorned with exquisite Tamo Ash wood veneer inlay dyed green adds our signature Cigar Star flare. This makes the perfect desktop cigar humidor for home or office use. This humidor will store up to 60 cigars.


Birch Burl Dreams Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor Powered By Boveda

Made from Amazing Birch Burl wood with incredible attention to details all hand crafted inlays. Digital hygrometer, Beveled Glass Top Lid, Spanish cedar Air Flow rack on the bottom.


Classic Black Cigar Humidor For 120 Cigars.

Some think that by having a glass top humidor you lose humidity through the glass. For the record we do not agree, but have nevertheless designed our popular Black Showcase Humidor without the glass.


Havana Dreams 2.0 Digital 200 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor

Havana Dreams 200 Cigar Humidor was inspired by Cuban culture made from Bubinga wood with incredible detailed inlays that will amaze any woodworker. Beveled Glass lid.
Extreme Quality. With all the upgrades!


The Deniro Limited Edition Humidor holds 60 Cigars

In the market for a luxury cigar humidor Canada? No need to break the bank to afford this luxury hand crafted masterpiece cigar humidor. Order yours today!


The Lexington Classic Yet Robust 150 Cigar Limited Edition

The Lexington 150 Cigar total Humidor was made using attractive Bubinga wood. A brother to the perfect ager, except it only has 1 Bevelled glass window on the top. Mirror gloss finish, Spanish cedar inlay inside, Cigar Humidor..


Spanish Cedar Divider For Your Humidor.

We have made it simple to order the correct Spanish cedar divider for your humidor. Get any size Spanish cedar dividers. Just let us know which Cigar Star Humidor you have, we will send you the correct size divider.


Cannabis Humidor Raw Tree Root with Mahogany Inside.

This humidor is perfect for use as a cannabis humidor.  Mahogany inside makes storing your cannabis easy and hassle free. Includes 2 Bud Coffins.


Ultimate Golfer 150 Cigar Humidor Limited Edition

This beautiful cigar Humidor is made with Bubinga wood and has an incredible inlay with a golfer in full swing. This is done completely by hand using laser cut pieces of wood.
Each hand cut piece is dyed and placed to give you the amazing handcrafted color and creates this amazing cigar humidor.


Deniro 4 Strain Cannabis Humidor

The fine wood grains in this humidor are absolutely fantastic. This humidor is the perfect choice for any cannabis lover. A weed humidor with style and flare!  4 one Oz jars plus a lock and key to keep little hands out! Keeps your buds fresh.


The Nobel 50 Cigar Zebra wood with digital hygrometer Powered By Boveda

Cigar Star Humidors are essential for keeping your cigars at their best and aging perfectly! They are designed to perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which the most exquisite cigars are grown, fermented and rolled.


15 Cigar Waterproof Hard ABS Plastic Humidor For Your Cigar Travel

Looking for an everyday cigar travel humidor? One that you can bring up to 10-15 cigars anywhere?  Going fishing, hunting, camping or maybe on a holiday overseas or down south?  Now you can now pack away your cigars with peace of mind?


20 Cigar Travel Humidor Waterproof Crushproof

20 cigar travel humidor. Waterproof, crushproof travel humidor  When you want peace of mind of your cigars for everyday travel and use.


UCANA Cannabis Storage Humidor Ebony & Tamo Ash wood Includes 3 Bud Coffins plus Boveda 62%

Revolutionary cannabis storage is here!  Designed specifically for cannabis, preserving terpenes, enhancing flavors, maintaining freshness all while preventing mold.


Quarter Ounce BUD COFFIN Keep Your Green Pristine!

Revolutionary Cannabis storage box, Bud Coffins were specifically designed to turn any humidor into the ultimate cannabis storage unit. Store many strain’s at once in there own bud coffin.


Half Ounce BUD COFFIN With 4 Gram 62% Boveda pack

Revolutionary Cannabis storage, Bud Coffins were specifically designed to turn any humidor into the ultimate cannabis storage unit.


Ultimate Leather Travel Cigar Humidors Croc

Carry your cigars in Style! Cigar Star brings you a genuine split embossed leather travel case that holds your cutter, lighter, cigar rest, up to 8 cigars and your cell phone. Keep your pockets empty and your cigars safe!

“Cigar Rest sold separately”