Travel Humidors

Cigar Star’s durable and crush-proof travel humidors continue to be our best seller – for form and function, all while adding style to your stogies! Cigar Star travel humidors also assist in the natural taste and ageing process, thanks to our top craftsmanship and high-quality materials. We design our travel cigar humidors and cases solely to help enhance the taste and smell of the cigar as well and to keep them safe while on the go. That way, when you are ready to light up your cigar it will smell and taste the way it was intended to.  

These amazing 3-cigar travel humidors are made with a stainless-steel body wrapped in an exquisite, classy pattern. It comes in 3 unique styles of exterior wrap to choose from, such as Snakeskin, silver diamond, and black. 

All our travel humidors have a built-in humidifier that attaches to the upper lid with Velcro. They also all contain kiln-dried Spanish cedar inside for a wonderful aroma. These travel humidors are perfect for keeping your cigar at their best while on the go for up to two weeks. 

These unique travel humidors are compact, crushproof, lightweight, contain quality cigar humidifiers and feature an airtight seal that will ensure that your cigars are always fresh. Perfect for your golf bag, tackle box or glove box, even shirt pocket. These on-the-go humidors will keep your cigars fresh for up to 2 weeks. 

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