Analog Cigar Hygrometers

Analog hygrometer will allow you to measure relative humidity, also known as (RH), within your cigar humidor. Why is this important? Because, cigars should be stored between 65-72% RH to ensure your cigars stay fresh and are aging properly.

An analog hygrometer will look outstanding while still allowing you to make certain that your cigars are being stored in the proper environment.While analog hygrometers look great, they are not as accurate as digital hygrometers.

Analog Hygrometers can be calibrated to ensure that your are receiving the proper reading. After all what good is any cigar hygrometer if you are not receiving the proper reading? To calibrate and adjust your hygrometer you can use the simple but effective salt test. We have put together a step by step video on how to calibrate your hygrometer. This video can also be used on digital hygrometers.

Analog Hygrometer

Analog Hygrometers are essential for letting you know what the relative humidity level is inside a humidor.