Spanish Cedar for Humidors

Spanish cedar is considered the highest quality of wood that can be used within a humidor. Cigar Star Humidors are specially designed to maintain the freshness of your cigars or cannabis, and by using Spanish cedar components, you can retain the optimal amount of relative humidity. Incorporating Spanish cedar components into the interior of your cigar humidor has several benefits, including:

  • Providing protection from tobacco worms through the cedar’s special odoriferous quality.
  • Having a high humidity absorption capacity to ensure that a stable and optimal climate will be maintained inside your cigar humidor and that mold is prevented.
  • Incorporating Spanish cedar wood components into your humidor has a positive effect on the flavor of the cigars.
  • Supporting the cigar ageing process.

Cigar Star proudly carries an extensive selection of quality Spanish cedar humidor components, such as humidor air flow racks, Spanish humidor trays, humidor dividers and more, perfect for your supply of top-quality cigars.

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