Cigar Tools

Cigar tools come in all shapes and sizes. Cigar Star carries a selection of tools to assist you in your cigar experience.

Perfect Draw Cigar Every Time. Precision Draw Enhancer

There’s just about nothing worse than lighting up one of your favorite cigars only to discover it has an impossible draw. Fortunately, after today you won’t have to worry about that problem ever again. The Cigar Star Precision Draw Enhancer is a handy tool to create the perfect draw in any cigar.


Cigar Rest Polished The Repose

“These Cigar Rests are manufactured from high quality aluminum. “Designed by Quality ” these accessories are next to impossible to break, so you can be sure that your investment will last a lifetime!”


Leather Cigar Rest Brown

“These Cigar Rests are manufactured from high quality leather with a button”


Humidor Keys Set of 2 cigar humidor keys

These keys will fit most of our cigar humidors. When you loss your keys and want a new set for your cigar humidor.


Cigar Star Cutter / Knife

This wonderful multi purpose cutter will cut up to a 54-ring gauge cigar with ease. Has a pocket clip and can also be used as a money clip.