Cigar Hygrometer

When it comes to keeping your cigars in top condition and fresher longer, the hygrometer inside your humidor is an essential component. Your cigar humidor’s hygrometer is a key tool in measuring the relative humidity inside your cigar humidor.

Why You Need a Cigar Hygrometer for Your Humidor

Cigar hygrometers are designed to ensure that your cigars are getting the proper relative humidity levels – also known as (RH).
Accurately determining humidity inside your cigar humidor is so extremely important, most cigar lovers rely on these tools inside their humidors.

What to Look for In a Hygrometer

With that said, when shopping for a cigar hygrometer, look for one that is adjustable – whether it be an analog or digital cigar hygrometer. This will allow you to perform a simple salt test so you can properly calibrate your hygrometer in order to understand if you are receiving an accurate reading on your hygrometer.  If you want exact accuracy, you will need a digital.

Browse the Largest Selection of Cigar Hygrometers

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