cigar humidifier

Cigar Foam Humidifier Large Size – Rectangle

This cigar humidifier will maintain up to 150 cigars and offers a convenient magnetic mounting system for easy on and off removal.


3 Humidifiers Cigar Size For Your Cigar Humidor

Humidifiers Cigar Size For Your Cigar Humidor Buy 3 And Save!


Humidor Humidifiers Display Case 20 Cigar Size Crystal Humidifiers

Humidor humidifiers display case is ideal for customers looking to add a little extra humidity inside a cigar humidor! You receive 20 Cigar size humidifiers


Cigar Size Clear Crystal Humidifier

This small crystal humidifier come with balls of crystals that will retain 200 times there weight in water. This humidifier is perfect for getting your cigar humidor humidity up with out using a great deal of space.