Humidor Humidifier Transparent Crystal Humidifier For 150 Cigar’s

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Cigar Star Premium Transparent Humidifier Crystals are long lasting and perfect for any humidor. Non Toxic, Bio-degradable,
and will hold 200 times there weight in water keeping perfect 70% humidity.

SKU: CH0573

Humidor Humidifier

Our humidor humidifier is the last crystal humidifier you will need to buy for your cigar humidor.
Cigar Star’s premium transparentĀ  humidifier crystals are long lasting and perfect for any cigar humidor.
They are Non Toxic, Bio-degradable, and will hold 200 times there weight in water.

Keeping perfect 70% humidity inside any cigar humidor. Humidifier crystals don’t last forever so we have designed our crystal humidor humidifier to be able to change out your old crystals with new ones. We designed this humidifier with four tabs on each side so you can easily remove the top portion and replace with you old crystals with new ones. A new bag of crystals is only $5.

Humidifier crystals ensure keeping your humidors at 70% humidity will be easy and hassle free.

Did you know, Cigar Star offers a cigar size humidifiers? The perfect solution to bump up your relative humidity in the winter months.


Includes Velcro for easy installation to the upper lid of any cigar humidor, although it can also be placed on its side.

The Crystal Humidification System is designed to maintain a 70% humidity level with very little maintenance. Simply fill the Crystal Humidifier 2/3 of the way with distilled water and 1/3 PG Solution to prevent mold. Please check your Crystal Humidification System. When you notice the Crystal beads getting smaller, just add more distilled water and PG Solution.
Our mission is the relentless pursuit of perfection!

We also carry a smaller cigar size crystal humidifier if you are just looking to boost your humidity over the winter months.



0.2 kg


17 × 17 × 10 cm

8 reviews for Humidor Humidifier Transparent Crystal Humidifier For 150 Cigar’s

  1. J.T

    amazing humidifier! Worked perfectly to bring my humidity to a perfect level!

  2. William

    I don’t have a Cigar Star humidor and the one I have would not hold proper humidity so I picked one of these up. filled it with distilled water installed and the next day I had 72% humidity. Great humidifier highly recommended .

  3. dsoupal

    These are incredible! I was really surprised when I saw how the crystals expanded in the humidifier. What a great little invention. Highly recommended.

  4. Gabe L.

    Works well Highly recommended! Fast shipping too!

  5. sgbrittain (verified owner)

    Great value. I like the way it comes in 2 pieces so that you can swap the beads out when they get used up. Fast delivery much appreciated. My only request is that with each humidifier you state clearly whether or not the glycol solution will work with the humififier and at what concentration/mix.

  6. bglassford (verified owner)

    I got one of these to replace the small cigar sized humidifiers that came with my signature Series 125 humidor. Very pleased with it, has held the humidity in my humidor at 68% steady since I installed it. Would buy another one again for sure.

  7. Scott P

    Better than Boveda packs!

  8. Peter Rudic

    Bought mine on Amazon they are outstanding!

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