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Boveda 84% 12-Pack 60 Gram


Boveda 84% 12 pack will provide a slow release of humidity for your wooden cigar humidors. Proper seasoning ensures your wood is fully seasoned before adding your c cigars.

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Boveda 84% 12-Pack 60 Gram

Why should you use Boveda 84% seasoning packets?

Ok firstly, we love that Boveda makes it simple and their products are great.  Secondly we design and manufacture wooden humidors. 

Firstly. Only wooden desktop humidors require seasoning, the 84% Boveda packs will provide a two week seasoning process.

That’s because the wood is porous and allows moisture to escape through its wooden panels and seams.

Proper seasoning is critical to getting the performance and flavor characteristics that humidor storage provides.

The purpose of seasoning is to raise the moisture level of the wooden side to the level that you want to store your cigars, generally 68 to 70% .

If a humidor isn’t properly seasoned the wood will rob the moisture from the cigars until equilibrium is met.

The 84% Boveda packet is designed specifically for seasoning wooden desktop humidors.

Simply place one 84% packet into the humidor for every 25 cigars that it’s capable of storing.

Close the lid and allow the humidor to season for 14 days, done.

During those 14 days the Boveda packets will very gradually release their moisture in to the wood.

This slow process prevents the cracking, warping to the humidor that the older method of wiping down with a damp rag often created. When done improperly.

It is s an expensive lesson to learn and it’s simple to prevent using Boveda 84% packet.

Cigar Star has done extensive research to know that 14 days is the ideal time period for seasoning humidors.

After 14 days Boveda packets and the wood will have reached equilibrium at between 68 to 70% relative humidity.

At that point the 84% packets can be removed and replaced with a standard Boveda 69-72% packets.

Remember one for every 25 cigars in the humidor. 100 count humidor will need 4 60 gram packets.

Knowing you can rely on Boveda to store your cigars at your preferred humidity level after the seasoning process.

Wiping down the humidor is still an option if you do not want to wait the 14 days. Just make sure you do not use to much water inside your wooden humidor.

Using Boveda 84% packets will slowly release humidity with the same or better results.

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