Cigar Cutters

Cigar cutters allow you to cut the cap, or head, of your cigar to ensure a smooth draw. Choosing the right cigar cutter for you cigar is essential in creating an even draw for the optimal taste.
A proper cutter will enhance your smoking pleasure and make sure that the wrapper of the cigar does not unravel.

The Perfect Cut Cigar Cutter

One of our most popular cigar cutter is the perfect cut cigar cutter. This go-to cigar cutter will ensure that you cut off the proper amount of the of your cigar’s cap. The cutter has a backplate that you rest the head of your cigar in while the cutter is open. This backplate makes sure that cut the right amount of the cigar every time.

Our cigar cutters allow a clean, even cut every time. All Cigar Star cigar cutters come in an elegant travel pouch and all paperwork. Don’t allow a dull cutter ruin your cigar. Cigar Star cutters are razor sharp and they add style to your stogies!

Predator V Cut Cigar Cutter Spring Loader With Cigar Punch and Rest

The V-cut cigar cutter creates a wedge or V shape in the tip of ones cigar, spring loaded with cigar punch that unscrews at the bottom. The ergonomic design also means the cutter will feel good in the hand.


Perfect Draw Cigar Every Time. Precision Draw Enhancer

There’s just about nothing worse than lighting up one of your favorite cigars only to discover it has an impossible draw. Fortunately, after today you won’t have to worry about that problem ever again. The Cigar Star Precision Draw Enhancer is a handy tool to create the perfect draw in any cigar.


Wedge V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Deep V Cut for the very best draw and most flavor. Ergonomic design for a smooth, effortless cut every time. Enjoy the V-Cut on large 60+ ring gauge, Precision engineered blade angle provides optimal cut depth for all shapes and sizes. Simple to operate. For optimal performance apply firm pressure into the V grooves and make a fast swift swipe of the cutter.


Subtle Grey Double Blade Cigar Cutter

This design is straightforward, with a simple two-toned yellow design with black handles.  This cutter will match your energy and optimism.


Double Guillotine Xzavis Cigar Cutter NEW

This uniquely designed cigar cutter is heavy duty yet well balanced. Not only does it have a unique design that looks good it also feels good and will provide your cigars with precision cuts for years to come and will cut up to a 60 ring gauge cigar. Comes with a leather sheath to protect it when not in use.


Ornate Double Blade Cutter

Your cigar cutter in not “just a cutter” Our Ornate cigar cutter adds style to your cigars while providing a clean and precise cut to your cigar. Heavy duty, yet well balanced the Ornate cigar cutter not only looks good but feels good. All while providing your cigars with precision cuts for years to come.


Exotic Yellow Double Blade Cigar Cutter

This design is straightforward, with a simple two-toned yellow design with black handles.  This cutter will match your energy and optimism.


Lamborghini Red Heavy Duty Double Blade Cutter

This brilliant Lamborghini red cutter has self-sharpening blades and can cut up to a 60 Ring gauge cigar easily.


Black Pearl Double Guillotine Cutter

These Cigar Star cigar cutters have an all Stainless Steel O design with Black Pearl enamel body and handles.


Stainless Steel Double Blade Cutter

This transparent high quality Cigar Cutter has stainless steel blades which will create a superb drawl with ease.


Stainless Steel Guillotine Cutter Double Blade

This stainless steel guillotine cutter ensures a sharp cut. Will cut up to 56 Ring Gauge cigars. Stainless Steel Blade.  Perfect Cut Every time. Self Sharpening Blades. Thin, sleek credit card design.


Cigar Star PERFECT CUT Cutter

Cigar Star perfect cut cigar cutters are equipped with a guard (also known within the industry as a “stopper”) which allows you to cut just enough of the cigar to enjoy a 3/32 inch cut every time.


Cigar Star Display Case 18 Cutters

Cigar Star wants our retailers to have success. Our cutters will move due to our counter top display boxes. Holds 18 cutters displayed perfectly at your check out.