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UCANA Cannabis Storage Humidor Ebony & Tamo Ash wood Includes 3 Bud Coffins plus Boveda 62%


Revolutionary cannabis storage is here!  Designed specifically for cannabis, preserving terpenes, enhancing flavors, maintaining freshness all while preventing mold.


Cannabis Storage Humidor

Introducing the ultimate cannabis storage humidor option to come on the market.

Distinguished, functional, meticulously detailed inside and out.

Ucana cannabis storage humidor with bud coffins provide your cannabis the final resting place for your buds. Until your ready to consume.

Designed specifically for cannabis, preserving terpenes, enhancing flavors  maintaining freshness all while  preventing mold.

Why do we love working with Ebony wood? Dense enough to sink in water. Finely  textured and has a very smooth finish when polished making it valuable as an ornamental wood.
Adorning it with exquisite Tamo Ash wood veneer inlay died green adds our signature Cigar Star flare.
Providing the global leader in two-way humidification Boveda is the standard humidification inside to ensure your premium strains of cannabis are in the perfect resting environment.

Furthermore, this cannabis storage humidor comes with a pull out drawer that can hold your rolling papers, pipe or scissors. Not to mention, can be removed flipped upside down and used as a rolling table.

UCANA Cannabis Storage humidor includes:
  • Made using Ebony and Tamo Ash
  • Dome lid
  • High gloss multi lacquer finish
  • 1 Half Ounce Bud Coffin with see through sliding lid
  • 2 quarter ounce Bud Coffins with see through sliding lid
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
  • Air tight seal
  • Lock and Key “to keep unwanted or young hands out”
  • Pull out storage drawer, can be pulled out completely and used as a rolling tray.
  • Three 4 gram 62% Boveda packs for inside the bud coffins
  • 1 Large 67 gram Boveda 62% two-way humidification pack.
  • Measures : Length 10.25″ Width 8.75″ Height 4.25″

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 12 cm