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Havana Dreams 2.0 Digital 200 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor

(6 customer reviews)


Havana Dreams 200 Cigar Humidor was inspired by Cuban culture made from Bubinga wood with incredible detailed inlays that will amaze any woodworker. Beveled Glass lid.
Extreme Quality. With all the upgrades!


Havana Dreams 2.0 Limited Edition Cigar Humidor.

This cigar humidor Canada is made from Bubinga. Did you know that Bubinga is also known as African rosewood?

These tree’s grow more than 140 feet with huge trunk diameters. It’s quite a nice wood that is stable, compression resistant. Furthermore it is hard, heavy and dense. Most used in guitars due to its versatility. It also provides a fine high gloss finish. Which makes it a perfect wood to use for your humidor.

Secondly, 100% handcrafted from these exotic hand picked pieces of wood with outstanding wood grain patterns.  Using Teak inlays which show extreme details and color, black, highlights of green, throughout the top, front and sides of this humidor.

Extreme attention to detail.
This humidor has all the extras, Spanish cedar air flow rack on the bottom, removable Spanish cedar divider, upgraded humidifier system, beveled glad top lid. Not to mention, what everyone has been asking for a digital hygrometer that can be calibrated!

This humidors interior is as equally as impressive, Cigar Star cut no corners with this humidor.
Mirror gloss finish exterior 20 coats & kiln dried Spanish cedar interior.

Digital hygrometer placed on outside front of humidor for easy hassle free reading.  It will store up to 200 cigars.

Premium cigars deserve a premium resting place. Cigar Star Has You Covered With the best cigar humidor Canada. Our Havana Dreams 2.0 Limited Edition Humidor.

Havana Dreams Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor
  •  Hand Crafted in Beautiful Bubinga with Teak inlays
  •  High gloss mirror and multiple lacquer finish “20 coats”
  • Cigar Star Limited Edition Series 100% handcrafted inlays.
  • Brass hinges and hardware.
  • 2 Brass keys with brass lock signature Cigar Star logo, to keep your cigars safe.
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar.
  • 2 Spanish cedar movable dividers.
  • Amazing inlay on front, top and back of humidor.
  • 1 large easy recharge Polymer Crystal transparent humidifier.
  • Digital hygrometer placed on outside front of humidor.  Can Be Calibrated
  • 1 removable Spanish cedar tray.
  • Spanish cedar air flow rack on bottom of humidor.
  • Felt on bottom for scratch resistance.
  • 7 3/4” in height
  • 15” length
  • 10” in width
  • Comes with 5 year warranty and instructions on how to activate your humidor.
  • Limited QTY.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 41 × 30 × 23 cm

6 reviews for Havana Dreams 2.0 Digital 200 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor

  1. Marco

    Simply amazed by the service and fast shipping. As for this humidor these photos do no justice! Very impressed!


    I have received my Havana Dreams 200 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor and I am amazed at the quality and craftsmanship!

    Everything is flawless, in short it is in my opinion as good as my Siglo !


  3. Juan

    Where do I begin?? Top quality Canadian company shows they know how to do it right! Very pleased!

  4. Josh

    What an amazing humidor details are incredible perfect home for my Cohiba cigars!

  5. DJP

    Long term review. I’ve been enjoying my Havana Dreams Humidor for more than 4 yrs now and have found that it is the most consistent humidor in my collection.
    Quality interior construction with a good tight seal and an exterior finish befitting high end furniture. This one is a keeper and rivals other large humidors at twice the price. Top notch product from a top notch Canadian company.

  6. Dave Russell (verified owner)

    I have been using the Havana Dreams humidor for 2 years now and would not hesitate to recommend this beautifully constructed humidor. Everything about it is just perfect — size, has a tight seal and looks so good!

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