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Boveda 62 % 67 Gram Pack Ideal For Cannabis Humidors


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Boveda 62 %

HOW Boveda 62 % works with your herbs.

Individually Over Wrapped 62% Boveda Packs.

  1. Pop Boveda in your favorite container
  2. When Boveda loses softness, it’s time to replace
  3. The more Boveda you use, the longer it lasts
  4. Boveda will never over-humidify

Why is RH “Relative Humidity” important for Cannabis?? The answer is simple, much like a cigar when it is to dry it becomes harsh in taste, thus causing one to choke and cough, it burns faster not allowing maximum enjoyment.

The best RH for cannabis is 58% for per-rolled cannabis, like joints or blunts. This will allow for an even smoke of your cannabis while on the go.

Why is 62% RH better  inside a cannabis humidor? This RH allows for Sticky buds while ensuring your flower does not become brittle.  When Cannabis becomes brittle it crumbles to dust cause difficultly rolling. It also causes the flower to product a harsh flavor and fast burn. 62% will prevent that from happening.

Boveda 62 % 67gram packets will last up 3 months inside a wood Cannabis humidor.


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