Cigar Star PERFECT CUT Cutter


Cigar Star perfect cut cigar cutters are equipped with a guard (also known within the industry as a “stopper”) which allows you to cut just enough of the cigar to enjoy a 3/32 inch cut every time.

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Cigar Stars perfect cut cigar cutter is equipped with a stopper and high quality stainless steel blades.
This cutter ensures you never waste one piece of tobacco from your favorite cigar! The stopper allows you to cut just enough of the cigar to enjoy it thoroughly!
This feature makes it the perfect cigar  accessory for new smokers as well as experienced aficionados.
The Perfect cut will provide you with a perfect cut to allow you the perfect drawl on your fine cigar.
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  • Surgical sharp stainless steel blades
  • Double guillotine operation
  • Perfect cut stopper – never cut too much again
  • Large finger holes – comfort in use
Perfect Cut Cigar Cutter

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19 × 12 × .5 cm


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