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Havana Dreams 2.0 Digital 200 Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor

Havana Dreams 200 Cigar Humidor was inspired by Cuban culture made from Bubinga wood with incredible detailed inlays that will amaze any woodworker. Beveled Glass lid.
Extreme Quality. With all the upgrades!


Ucana 60 Cigar Humidor Ebony with Tamo Ash Powered By Boveda

Ebony adorned with exquisite Tamo Ash wood veneer inlay dyed green adds our signature Cigar Star flare. This makes the perfect desktop cigar humidor for home or office use. This humidor will store up to 60 cigars.


Birch Burl Dreams Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor

Made from Amazing Birch Burl wood with incredible attention to details all hand crafted inlays. Digital hygrometer, Beveled Glass Top Lid, Spanish cedar Air Flow rack on the bottom.


Chava Blu Limited Edition Humidor. Powered with BOVEDA

Chava Blue Limited Edition Humidor. This unique luxury handcrafted marquetry design work of art which boosts an optical illusion made from wood.


Heritage 2.0 60 Cigar Humidor Spectacular Walnut Burl Powered with Boveda

Improvement’s never stop at Cigar Star. Our Heritage 2.0 has been made using hand picked Walnut Burl with Spanish cedar inside. Includes a built in pull out drawer for all your accessories. Powered with the global leader in two-way humidity for peace of mind!


Black Showcase 3.0 Glass Top Humidor

Black Showcase Cigar humidor with Spanish cedar inlay inside Spanish cedar air flow rack,  digital hygrometer, a beautiful matte finish on the outside. Solid Black in color and is accented with a see through glass lid to showcase your cigars.


The Nobel 50 Cigar Zebra wood with digital hygrometer

Cigar Star Humidors are essential for keeping your cigars at their best and aging perfectly! They are designed to perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which the most exquisite cigars are grown, fermented and rolled.

$169.99 $129.99

Huge Colossal Royal 350-400 Limited Edition Crystal Bead Humidifier’s ONLY

Only the highest quality kiln dried Spanish cedar was used inside this huge cigar humidor. Including Spanish cedar air flow grate on the bottom that ensures even distribution of humidity. Details need to be seen to be appreciated, the wood grains enhanced from every angle.
Form and function make this a top pick for any cigar aficionado.


Unique Cigar Humidor Executive Edge 4 Drawer 2 Crystal humidifiers

Unique Executive Edge 4 Drawer  Humidor.
Rich Bubinga wood with a high gloss mirror finish. This humidor stands out from all the rest. Limited stock.


Perfect Ager III 150 Cigar Star Humidor Ebony Wood!

PERFECT AGER III 150 Cigar total made with Ebong & 3 Bevelled glass windows. Mirror gloss finish. Spanish cedar inlay inside. Cedar air flow rack. Upgraded humidifier.


The Ashford Jr 60 Cigar Humidor

Our Best seller is back and better then before. Made using Exotic dark rich wood grained Ebony. Simple yet elegant superbly hand crafted. Will store up to 60 cigars. Cigar Humidor


Ultimate Golfer 150 Cigar Humidor Limited Edition

This beautiful cigar Humidor is made with Bubinga wood and has an incredible inlay with a golfer in full swing. This is done completely by hand using laser cut pieces of wood.
Each hand cut piece is dyed and placed to give you the amazing handcrafted color and creates this amazing cigar humidor.


Carbon Fiber Cigar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer

Cigar Star Humidors are essential for keeping your cigars at their best and aging perfectly! They are designed to perfectly replicate the tropical paradise in which the most exquisite cigars are grown, fermented and rolled.

$149.99 $129.99

The Croc 60 Cigar Humidor

The Croc cigar humidor provides a perfect environment for your cigars.


3 Humidifiers Cigar Size For Your Cigar Humidor

Humidifiers Cigar Size For Your Cigar Humidor Buy 3 And Save!


Cigar Humidor Accessory Kit

Maximize Your Cigar Accessories And Save!


Humidor Keys Set of 2 cigar humidor keys

These keys will fit most of our cigar humidors. When you loss your keys and want a new set for your cigar humidor.


Cannabis Humidor Raw Finish Mahogany Inside

This superbly crafted cigar humidor and lid are a perfect match that forms a tight seal to maintain a constant and hassle-free 70% humidity level for your cigars.

$139.99 $89.95

Cigar Humidor Colossal Royal 350-400 Limited Edition with electronic humidifier.

The Royal Cigar Star Humidor is the last desk top cigar humidor you will ever need. Enough room to safely store 350-500 of your most precious sticks. No room for a full size cabinet humidor? This humidor is your next best thing without taking up floor space. It is the best cigar humidor sold in Canada!


Desk Top Rosewood 25 Cigar Humidor

Many requests were made for smaller cigar humidors for the beginner. Cigar Star now has 4 new 15-30 cigar humidors to choose from in stock, filling the void for a smaller cigar humidor.


Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

The Next Generation Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 humidifier uses upgraded technology to measure and control the humidity accurately inside your cigar humidor.

$189.99 $179.20


TROPICAL HUMIDITY offers the perfect humidification solution for your humidor. This solution consists of 50% propylene glycol and 50% distilled water and should only be applied to sponge-based humidifiers.

$24.99 $19.99

Heirloom Humidor 150 Cigar Star Limited Edition

HEIRLOOM Humidor by Cigar Star® Made from RICH MAPA & WALNUT