Birch Burl Dreams Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor Powered By Boveda

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Made from Amazing Birch Burl wood with incredible attention to details all hand crafted inlays. Digital hygrometer, Beveled Glass Top Lid, Spanish cedar Air Flow rack on the bottom.

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Cigar Humidors in Canada

This is our Birch Burl Dreams humidor is another piece of art!
Did you know, Burl wood is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed rare manner. It is commonly filled with small knots from dormant buds. Burls yield a very peculiar and highly figured wood, prized for its beauty and rarity. Which, gives a unique and distinctive wood pattern.

The colors are incredibly rich and pop with the design. Furthermore,  adding the inlay design the top and front & sides of the humidor allow its beauty and rarity of the Burl to be highlighted.

This humidor is of the highest quality. Made with passion and attention to detail.

The wonderful colors will match any decor,  definitely catch the eye of any passer-by.

This humidor has attention to detail; the inlay pattern is one of a kind in cigar humidors.

This humidor has a perfect seal and is top quality. Will keep your cigars as fresh as the day you put them in. Allows for perfect aging, superb taste for your tobacco. This humidor will bring a touch of class and will be a focal point in any room you put it in due to its unique style and finish and inlay design.

Birch Burl Dreams 100 CIGAR Humidor Features
  •  Hi gloss mirror and multiple lacquer finish 20 coats
  •  Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar.
  •  Beveled glass top lid with amazing inlay on the top.
  •  2 Spanish cedar movable divider.
  •  1 Spanish cedar removable tray.
  •  Spanish cedar flow rack for perfect air flow to all cigars.
  •  All brass hardware.
  •  Brass handles for easy hassle free moving
  •  Lock with 2 keys. “Cigar Star logo”
  •  Amazing multi color inlay on front, top & sides of humidor.
  • Boveda Seasoning packs and Boveda Maintenance packs.
  •  1 large easy-read digital hygrometer placed on outside of Humidors front.
  •  Felt on bottom for scratch resistance.
  •  6.5″ height
  •  9 1/2” in width
  •  13.5 length
  •  Top Quality!
  •  Limited Edition humidor comes with 5 Yr warranty as well as instructions on how to activate your humidor.

4.5 kg


37 × 29 × 17 cm

1 review for Birch Burl Dreams Cigar Star Limited Edition Humidor Powered By Boveda

  1. John

    I picked this humidor up at Casa Del Humidor a couple months ago. I must say that it is by far hands down one of the best humidors I have ever owner. Seasoned the humidor as per your video “which was very helpful” and it was reading 71% after the first try. I thought I would comment on this humidor as everyone that has seen this spectacular humidor has made comments on how amazing it looks.
    You should put up a video as these photos on your site does not do it any justice. 10 Stars! Excellent quality! Highly recommended !

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