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Huge Colossal Royal 350-400 Limited Edition Crystal Bead Humidifier’s ONLY


Only the highest quality kiln dried Spanish cedar was used inside this huge cigar humidor. Including Spanish cedar air flow grate on the bottom that ensures even distribution of humidity. Details need to be seen to be appreciated, the wood grains enhanced from every angle.
Form and function make this a top pick for any cigar aficionado.

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Huge Cigar Humidor

We have had so many emails requesting to sell our huge cigar humidor without the Cigar Oasis electronic humidifier. So we have listed our Royal humidor without the electronic humidifier.

Looking for a cabinet humidor but don’t have the room? We have the answer! Our colossal Royal desk top humidor is just that colossal in size. This is sure to be the last desk top humidor that you will ever want or need.

King of all desk top humidors in our Limited Editions Cigar Star Humidor line. The largest desk top unit available with out having a cabinet humidor!
Enough room to safely store 350-450 of your most precious sticks. “Depending on the ring gauge size of your cigars.”
No room for a full size cabinet humidor? This humidor is your next best thing without taking up floor space. It is often referred to as a foot locker size humidor.

Beautifully hand crafted from Walnut Burl wood. Highlighted with Snake wood diamond pattern inlay on the top and front of the humidor. Our signature Canadian Maple cigar inlay to contrast with the Snake wood incredible grains. Special wood combinations and colors were specifically chosen to reflect any décor.

It measures:
20″ length. (Almost 2 feet)
12″ width.
9″ depth.

This huge cigar humidor comes with:

• Solid cedar airflow rack on bottom, improves humidity airflow throughout the unit.
• 2 Spanish cedar removable dividers and removable Spanish cedar tray.
• Instructions on how to activate your humidor, with detailed video links.
• 5 year warranty.
• Two 150 Transparent cigar crystal humidifiers.
• Analog hygrometer.

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions60 × 30 × 22 cm


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