Boketto Limited Edition Humidor Powered with Boveda

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Boketto Humidor is one of our best cigar humidor. This unique luxury handcrafted marquetry work of art design which boosts an optical illusion made from wood.

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Boketto Humidor

The handcrafted Boketto humidor is the best cigar humidor! Most superior both in its construction and design. Because the humidor is airtight, it can preserve the cigars for decades under correct humidity conditions. It uses the patented Boveda for precise 2-way humidity control.

It is not only the natural Canadian Maple laser cut marquetry design on the outside that is so attention-grabbing, likewise its every aspect of this airtight humidor that appeals.

Besides that, check out the optical illusion made from wood! The Boketto humidor will have you mesmerized. The top and front of this humidor create the outstanding optical illusion as a result the back and both sides have been dyed black to compliment the contrast in the top and front.

However, the real secret of this humidor is the wood used in lining the interior. The Boketto Humidor uses only the highest quality kiln-dried Spanish cedar to line the inside of the humidor and its trays. This provides several benefits:

● Spanish cedar being absorbent, prevents moisture from building up inside the box, thereby keeping the cigars dry.
● The wood provides the right environment to keep the cigars fresh and flavorful.
● The strong smell actually imparts a woody flavor to the cigars, enjoyed by many.

Finally if your looking to stand out with your cigar storage, this unique luxury handcrafted work of art will store your cigars perfectly. Furthermore this Boketto Humidor will bring about exciting conversation when presented.

Boketto Humidor Limited Edition
  • Made from natural Maple laser cut hand inlay marquetry design.
  • Optical illusion made from wood.
  • High gloss mirror and multiple lacquer finish.
  • Brass hinges and hardware.
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar.
  • 1 Spanish cedar removable tray.
  • Solid Spanish cedar airflow grate on bottom.
  • 2 removable Spanish cedar dividers
  • 1 Spanish Cedar Boveda Holder
  • Two 84% Boveda “For Seasoning”
  • Two 69% or 72% Boveda packets
  • 1 large easy-read hygrometer placed underneath the lid.
  • Lock and key. To keep your cigars safe.
  • Felt on bottom for scratch resistance.
  • Height 6″
  • Width 9.25″
  • Length 13.5″
  • Hold’s 100-120 cigars depending on the ring gauge of cigar being stored.

5 kg


60 × 20 × 20 cm

9 reviews for Boketto Limited Edition Humidor Powered with Boveda

  1. joedomingo1968 (verified owner)

    I got my Boketto Humidor and the coolest lighter.
    The humidor is a work of art!
    The delivery was smooth and fast.
    The folks at Cigar Star are very nice and talented.
    Keep it local.

    Thanks again!

  2. TJ

    The product is beautiful – BUT, it doesn’t in real life have the “hole” illusion that the video makes it out to have.

  3. K.B Lockmon

    The Humidor and the Humidor seasoning kit that came with it is absolutely amazing. The humidor is a work of art, inside and out. So happy with it. As for the shipping, I live in West Africa so that means the humidor travels from Canada, through New York, to Chicago then on a plane to Europe then on down to West Africa. It arrived in perfect shape. The packaging was great and did its job perfect. I couldn’t be happier, and am looking to get another humidor from them. Thank you so much for a great product and great shipping.

  4. Sharon

    Amazing quality box. Great shipping and presentation as well.

  5. R Denine

    By far this is the best quality humidor I ever owned. Incredible piano finish, the Spanish cedar has a wonderful scent. The seal is perfection. Super fast shipping and the packaging was extremely safe to travel long distances. Thank you. I would give this 10 stars out of 5!!!

  6. Peter Marasco (verified owner)

    Cigar Star never fails to impress and this design is mind blowing. 3D pattern is legit, one of the coolest pieces in my living room. Quality is exceptional, lid provides the most solid seal of any humidor I’ve ever owned (desktop, travel, etc.), and it works perfect with Boveda packets. I live in New York and the shipping from Canada was super fast. So pleased with you guys and happy to support you in the future. I would strongly recommend to any serious aficionado.

  7. Nadim Barakat

    So far I bought two humidors from Cigar Star; both look great and function perfectly!
    Amazing humidors, great service from Cigar Star team, packing is perfect so you won’t worry about your humidor being damaged throughout its journey.
    Definitely to recommend!

  8. Leonardo Santibanez (verified owner)

    Customer service is over the top, excellent experiences

    Shopping with this company is always a pleasure as they delivery quality work as well as have excellent and attentive customer service for any questions or concerns regarding orders. This will not be the last time I shop here, highly recommend!

  9. Alex Arrau (verified owner)

    Humidor came in good time and was very nicely packed . Included a humidor stater kit , a hydrometer, and a crystal clear humidifier. All this in addition to the beautiful humidor makes this an amazing value item.

    Highly recommend.

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