Cigar Punch Canada Spring Loaded White Pearl

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Spring loaded WHITE PEARL Cigar Punch / keychain. Creates a pefect draw hole every time!

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Looking for your cigar punch Canada ? This exquisite spring loaded white pearl Cigar Punch Canada is mounted on a keychain.

When the butt of the punch is pressed down the spring loaded precision cutting blade locks to the cutting position. Then slowly screw the punch blade from side to side into the “head” or “tip” of your cigar. Once the blade disappears inside the head,  you then pull the punch out of the “head” or “tip” of your cigar. The cigar is left with a perfect draw hole.
Just press the button on the side of the punch the spring loaded blade disappears inside the punch. This will allow your clippings to fall out while protecting the precision cutting blade while not in use.

Watch this video on how to use a cigar punch.

Cigar punch Canada

Get your’s today!
Very clever, very handy, and very safe. Perfect Draw hole every time!

Size: 2.5 inch long.



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19 × 12 × 1 cm

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  1. Jessi

    Worth every penny!

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