Boveda inside wood humidors. Things to Consider.


Boveda packs are designed to work well inside wooden humidors.

They help maintain a stable humidity level for your cigars or other tobacco products. In fact, many cigar enthusiasts use Boveda packs in their wooden humidors to ensure that the humidity stays within the desired range.

One of the advantages of using Boveda packs is that they are a two-way humidity control system. Being in Canada they help with maintaining humidity very well over the season changes.










This means that they can both add moisture to the air when it is too dry and absorb moisture when the air is too humid.

This is important because fluctuations in humidity can cause your cigars to dry out or become over-humidified, which can affect their flavor and burn quality.

When using Boveda packs in a wooden humidor, it’s important to choose the appropriate size pack for the size of your humidor and the number of cigars you are storing.

Overall, Boveda packs can be an effective and convenient soluti

on for maintaining proper humidity levels in a wooden humidor.

Can Boveda packs be used with Polymer crystal cigar humidifiers inside your wood humidor?


Boveda wood humidors can be used alongside polymer crystal cigar humidifiers, although not necessary.

Polymer crystal humidifiers are designed to release moisture slowly over time.

Boveda packs are a two-way humidity control system that both adds and removes moisture as needed.

Using both types of humidification together will prolong the life stan of Boveda packs.

The polymer crystal humidifiers are constantly adding moisture while the Boveda packs are also adding or removing moisture as needed.

They also come in many sizes. (e.g cigar size, round and large size)

Humidor humidifier Cigar Size Clear Crystal Humidifier








This ensures your cigars are kept at the desired humidity level, with out having to replace your Boveda packs every 4-6 weeks. Saving you money in the long run.

If you choose to use Boveda packs in addition to a polymer crystal humidifier.

It’s important to monitor the humidity levels regularly and adjust the humidification as needed to ensure that your cigars stay in the desired humidity range.

However, if your polymer crystal humidifier is maintaining the desired humidity level on its own, it may not be necessary to use Boveda packs as well.

The best thing about Boveda packs is they will maintain the desired humidity level the you prefer and come in a range of humidity levels (e.g. 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%)