Frequently Asked Questions About Cigar Humidifiers

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What is a cigar humidifier?

A cigar humidifier is how a humidor maintains the proper moisture levels for storing your cigar. It is very important that the levels stay consistent over time so that the cigars do not get too moist or too dried out. It relies on a hygrometer to read the level of moisture inside the box. Cigar Star has a variety of cigar humidifiers. Using polymer crystal slow release beads ensure that the proper levels of moisture inside any humidor.

How does a cigar humidifier work?

A humidifier maintains a consistent level of humidity. The ideal range is about 70% humidity at all times. The humidifier depends on the process of water evaporating in the air and tries to maintain a consistent level of moisture by reading the humidity levels. It either functions using a chemical compound to regulate evaporation or a small fan inside. 

How to charge cigar humidifier

You can charge or refill your humidifier by removing it from the humidor box and moisten it with a solution consisting of half distilled water and half propylene glycol. Stay away from green foam humidifiers. Cigar Star uses only polymer crystal bead humidifiers, fill the humidifier with distilled water. Allow the crystal to fully absorb the distilled water, shake any excess water from the humidifier and place the humidifier back inside the humidor.

How to use cigar humidifier

You use the humidifier within the humidor by taking it out of the humidor and filling it up with an activator solution or distilled water. The solution should be one-part distilled water and the other part propylene glycol, which is the activating agent. The solution works by absorbing moisture from the interior air in the humidor.

How to fill a cigar humidifier

Before you put any cigars in your humidor, you need to make sure that the humidifier is filled up. This is how the humidity and moisture within the humidor are regulated. You need to coat the humidifier in a solution consisting of distilled water and propylene glycol, which is a compound that controls the evaporation process inside. Cigar Star uses only polymer crystal bead humidifiers, fill the humidifier with distilled water or Tropical humidity humidifier solution. Allow the crystal to fully absorb the distilled water, shake any excess water from the humidifier and place the humidifier back inside the humidor.

How to use a cigar humidifier disk

A humidifier disk helps to keep your cigars fresh in storage for a long time. You can purchase packs of disks to be inserted into the humidor. Some of them have an adhesive back so that it adheres to the top. Others are placed along the bottom of the humidor to keep everything fresh.

What humidity should I set my cigar humidifier to?

The ideal humidity level for a humidor is about 70%. This is the ideal moisture level so that the cigars are not too dry or too wet over time. An acceptable humidity range can go up as high as 75%, but you should not let your cigars sit in humidity much higher than that for a long time. Be sure to calibrate the humidifier so that you are getting an accurate reading on the moisture level. If you have a manual hygrometer, you can recalibrate it manually. A digital hygrometer will require you to keep track of the calibrated levels and add or deduct them from your future humidity readings.

Can you put a humidifier in a cigar box?

You may put a humidifier in a cigar box to store your cigars, but it may not be as effective as an actual humidifier. The cigar box should be made of all wood for the humidifier to do its job and be airtight to regulate moisture levels effectively. It would be best to place your cigar box and humidifier inside a large Ziplock or Tupperware dish for best results.

What is the best humidifier for cigars?

A humidor is just a box without a humidifier. They maintain the ideal conditions so that your cigars do not dry out over time. Electronic humidifiers require the least amount of maintenance to keep in good working order. They only need to be refilled about once a month. They will never need to be replaced. It is safe to use distilled water in them. In addition, they do not require propylene glycol as an activating agent to control the evaporation process inside. Boveda is the global leader in two-way humidity for your cigar humidor, although you will need to invest in new packs every 60 days. Cigar Star uses transparent polymer crystal humidifiers which slowly release humidity inside your humidor. Crystals inside the humidifier shrink in size letting you know that they need to be refilled with water.  They can prolong the life of Boveda packs when used together.

What happens to an under humidified cigar?

If a cigar is stored in conditions with humidity levels that are too low, it will dry out more quickly. Low moisture content within the cigar makes the cap fall off too easily when you go to smoke it. The tobacco will also burn much faster when you smoke it. The flavour and taste of the cigar will be distorted. You can tell that a cigar does not have enough humidity when you touch it and squeeze it. It will feel more brittle as if it could easily fall apart.

What is the best humidity for cigars?

The best humidity range for a cigar in storage is between 65 and 72% humidity. The hygrometer helps maintain the best humidity levels. If you can keep the humidity at 70%, your cigars will be in great shape for a long while. When a cigar is stored at a level of humidity that is too high, it becomes too damp. Mould can start forming and growing when there is too much moisture inside the humidor, which will ruin all your cigars and could make you sick from smoking them. Too little moisture dries out the air inside the box and everything else in it. This is how some cigars end up dried out and brittle.

How to clean and maintain a cigar humidifier

One of the most important things to clean out of your cigar humidifier is mould. If left unattended, it can ruin both the cigars and the humidor over time. Remove all the cigars from the humidor first. Wipe down the inside of the walls, bottom and lid with a paper towel or cloth. Use a small vacuum to suck any of the remaining dust out of the box. Wipe down the insides of the box again with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Finish cleaning the box with a dry paper towel or cloth rag.

How often do you refill a cigar humidifier?

How often you will need to refill a humidifier depends on how often you open the humidor lid. For instance, if you open the lid to remove or replace cigars several times a day, you will need to refill the humidifier much more often than if you only open the box once a week or even month. It is generally recommended that you refill just the distilled water in your humidifier about once a month. You should typically replace the activating solution with distilled water more frequently, about once every two to three weeks.

How to prepare a cigar humidifier

Remove the humidifier from the humidor on the open end of the humidifier pour distilled water or solution to the top of the humidifier. Allow the crystals for fully absorb. Wipe off the excess water. Place the humidifier back in the humidor before closing the lid.

How long do cigar humidifiers last?

If you use an electronic humidifier, it can last forever without needing to be replaced. Floral foam humidifiers need to be replaced about every six to 12 months. Crystal gels will need to be replaced  one to two years, and silicon beads will need to be replaced every three to six years. Plan to refill your electronic humidifier about once a month. The foam, gel and bead humidifier options will need to be refilled slightly more frequently.

How do I know if I need a cigar humidifier? 

It’s recommended for all cigar collectors or aficionados to invest in a quality cigar humidification system to ensure the cigars are kept at their correct relative humidity. If your cigars feel dry, brittle, or are cracking, it’s an indication that the relative humidity in your cigar storage system is too low and requires the help of cigar humidifiers to increase the relative humidity.

What are the types of cigar humidifiers? 

There are several types of cigar humidifiers varying in price, lifespan, and humidity level. The most common humidifiers are:

How do I decide what cigar humidifier is best for my cigar collection? 

The best cigar humidifier for you depends on your level of involvement and care you have with your cigar collection. Though Sponge-based humidifiers are generally less expensive, they need to be maintained and checked regularly to ensure they are emitting the correct relative humidity. Electronic cigar humidors are generally a more expensive option, though they take the guesswork out of cigar storage, constantly maintaining the correct humidity levels. Boveda is the set it and forget it option that is a two-way humidification packet that uses salt to regulate humidity and can be used in conjunction with crystal bead humidifiers. The downfall is you must replace them every few months. 

How do I know if the humidity is too high? 

Often, if your cigars are kept in a too-humid environment, you may notice swelling of the cigar or a spongy texture. In more severe cases, you might notice mold on your cigars. 

Why do I need to keep my cigars humid?

It’s important to keep your cigars at around 70% humidity to ensure the delicate cigar wrapper and leaves do not dry out. If this occurs, when lit, the cigars will burn too quickly and much of the rich flavor will be lost. Did you know that a cigar will hold 1.5 grams of humidity which allows the filler, binder and wrapper to marry together creating the unique flavor profiles you get when enjoying your cigar.