Frequently Asked Questions About Cigar Hygrometers


What Is A Hygrometer For Cigars?

A hygrometer is an important tool in the toolkit of any cigar lover. Because cigars need to be kept at a certain humidity level in order to stay fresh (usually between 68 and 72%), it is important to be able to determine the humidity of your humidor. A hygrometer is a small instrument that reports the humidity as a percentage of 100. This crucial information will let you know if your humidor is doing what it is supposed to be doing in keeping your cigars fresh.

How Do You Calibrate a Cigar Hygrometer?

One of the easiest methods to calibrate a cigar hygrometer is the “salt method.” Place a teaspoon of salt in a small cup, add a few drops of water to it, then place the cup and the hygrometer in an enclosed space. Many people use Ziplock bags because they are common and translucent. Wait for six to eight hours. Your hygrometer should indicate 75% humidity. However, much it is off from this point is however much it should be adjusted. 

Can Cigar Box Hygrometers Be Used in Homes?

Yes, they can be used in homes. They function the same way whether they are placed in an enclosed box or a living room table, measuring the humidity of the room. There is not necessarily anything about one hygrometer which suits it for use in a cigar box and another for a walk-in humidor.

Do Cigar Hygrometers Work as Well for Rooms?

The difficulty is often not getting the hygrometer to function correctly but raising an entire room to the necessary level of humidity. Yes, cigar hygrometers function the same in rooms or box humidors, but it is not always a simple matter to exercise the same amount of control in an entire room as it would be in a box humidor.

How Do I Reset a Cigar Hygrometer?

The salt method is useful in not only calibrating hygrometers but resetting them as well. If you suspect that your hygrometer has become less accurate, utilizing the salt method described above in “how to calibrate a cigar hygrometer” is one of the easiest ways to correct any potential errors.

How To Read a Cigar Hygrometer?

Cigar hygrometers come in two formats: digital and analog. Digital hygrometers give readings that are specific down to fractions of percentage points and reading them is as simple as reading a digital clock. Analog hygrometers are not as able to express exact decimals but are no more difficult to read than analog clocks. Determine where the hand is pointing by counting the notches past the numerical benchmarks (typically marked in intervals of ten).

How To Use a Hygrometer for Cigars?

A cigar hygrometer is one of the most useful tools that a smoker can take advantage of. Because humidity is crucial for the well-being of cigars, with many of them requiring levels between 68 and 72%, hygrometers afford you the opportunity to ensure the humidity stays within the boundaries. Simply place the hydrometer inside the humidor and, after a few hours have passed, it will report the humidity inside.

Should I Adjust My Cigar Hygrometer?

If you believe that your cigar hygrometer is not accurate, then yes, you should adjust it. The easiest method to test a hygrometer’s accuracy is use the salt method described in “how to calibrate a cigar hygrometer.” You may need to adjust your cigar hygrometer if you notice that your cigars are drying out, despite a healthy reading on the device. Or, if you are using Boveda packs that ensure a certain level of humidity and the hygrometer does not confirm it, it may be wise to double check your device’s accuracy.

What Are The Best Hygrometers For Cigars?

While cigar hygrometers vary in format and accuracy, one characteristic that the best share is that they are adjustable. It is advisable to purchase an adjustable hygrometer because sometimes the devices require recalibration. Beyond that, there are analog and digital options available. Digital hygrometers tend to be more accurate, while analog ones evince a more traditional aesthetic. As with many things pertaining to cigars and cigar accessories, your personal preference is the most important factor in determining the best hygrometer for you.

Are Analog Cigar Hygrometers Accurate?

It is too broad a generalization to say that all digital cigar hygrometers are more accurate than analog ones. Digital hygrometers are more precise and can report the humidity with a greater level of specificity than analog ones, but this is not to say that an analog hygrometer isn’t accurate. To use a useful analogy, just because some digital clocks can report the time down to a fraction of a second doesn’t mean that an analog clock doesn’t work perfectly well. Moreover, both types of hygrometers may require adjustment or recalibration at some point in their lifetimes.

How Does a Digital Hygrometer Work?

In digital hygrometers, an electric current is passed through a resistor that also happens to be an absorbent material. As the material absorbs water in the air, the flow of the current is affected. These changes are reflected in the hygrometer’s reading; a more saturated resistor will result in a higher humidity report. 

Does a Hygrometer Measure Humidity?

Yes, hygrometers measure humidity. They are designed to interpret the moisture level in the air and report it as a percentage. Both analog and digital hygrometers perform this function.

Where Should a Hygrometer Be Placed?

For a cigar hygrometer to be effective, it should be placed within the humidor. Otherwise, its reading would not be an accurate reflection of the humidity that the cigars are experiencing. Most humidors, such as those lined with Spanish cedar, are designed to prevent humidity from escaping, which means that the humidity on the inside will be quite different from the humidity of the rest of the building.

Why Is a Cigar Hygrometer Important?

Cigar hygrometers are important because they reveal crucial information about humidity levels. Cigars require more humidity than naturally exists in most climates to stay fresh. If the humidity level drops too low, cigars will taste different, become more difficult to smoke, and may even crack and fall apart. The hygrometer is a critical tool that allows you to make sure that your cigars are being kept in a sufficiently humid environment.

How Do You Test A Cigar Hygrometer?

The salt method is a good way to test your cigar hygrometer. This method is described more fully in “how to calibrate a cigar hygrometer.” After spending several hours in the enclosed space with the salt and water, the hygrometer should read 75%. If your hygrometer reports a number other than that, it requires adjustment.

How Accurate is a Hygrometer?

Most hygrometers are accurate within 5% humidity levels. This said, it’s important to ensure your hygrometer is properly calibrated so that it’s reading accurate humidity levels.

What is the Most Accurate Cigar Hygrometer? 

Generally digital hygrometers are known to be the most accurate, though analog hygrometers are also extremely accurate if properly calibrated. 

How Do I Know If My Hygrometer is Working? 

You can test if your hygrometer is working correctly by doing a simple salt test. Simply place the hygrometer in a plastic bag with a small, unsealed container of a salt and water slurry. If after 3 hours the hygrometer reads 75% humidity, the hygrometer is accurate. 

What Should My Hygrometer Read for Cigars? 

When storing cigars, your hygrometer should ideally read about 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Do I Need a Hygrometer in My Cigar Humidor? 

Since temperatures and therefore humidity levels can fluctuate within a humidor or other cigar storage, it’s important to invest in a quality hygrometer to ensure the proper environment is kept for your cigar collection. Most Cigar Star humidors come equip with our Precision Star calibratable digital hygrometer.