How Many Cigars Are in a Case?

The answer is that it varies. Upon opening a fresh box of cigars, you may find any number of cigars inside. 25 is a common number for cases of cigars, but there may be fewer, and it isn’t uncommon to see case packs of 50 cigars. The portable cases that we provide at Cigar Star are intended to facilitate the transportation of cigars, so it’s more typical to find ones with a capacity of between two and six cigars.

Are All Cigar Cases Humidors?

Simply put, no, not all cigar cases are humidors. Humidors maintain the humidity necessary to prevent the cigars inside from drying out. Some humidors are portable, but most cigar cases are not designed to serve the same function. The most effective humidors, moreover, are temperature and humidity-controlled spaces that cannot offer you as much mobility as regular cases.

What Are the Benefits of a Leather Cigar Case?

Leather cigar cases offer several benefits to a cigar aficionado. First and foremost, they help you transport cigars from one location to another, working to ensure that the cigars do not split or crack in transit. Many cigar cases provide room to carry around the tools necessary to enjoy a cigar, such as a cutter and a lighter. Last but not least, leather cigar cases look good. Who couldn’t use a couple more points for style in their lives? 

How to Humidify a Cigar Case?

There are numerous ways to convert an ordinary wooden box into a cigar humidifier. Many cigar lovers use humidifier beads, which can be placed inside a humidor to raise the humidity levels to where they should be (above 60%). Boveda humidity packs work in a similar manner but are capable of absorbing moisture when it is too high and releasing it when it dips back down. The technological cigar aficionado may prefer electronic humidors, which have the advantage of being relatively low-maintenance and have long lifetimes.

How To Use a Travel Cigar Case?

Cigar travel cases are meant for more long-term storage than ordinary travel cases, so many of them function as humidors. These require a mechanism to preserve humidity and often have space for cutters, lighters, and other accessories. Other travel packs are sleeker and merely require that the cigars be snugly inserted and enclosed to function just as ordinary cigar cases do.

What Makes a Good Cigar Case?

A solid, durable material that protects cigars from cracking and splitting is one feature that always makes for a good cigar case. Many other characteristics that make a good cigar case depend on your individual needs. Some people prefer the aesthetic of a leather cigar case, while others prefer a hard shell. Those who like to travel light may favour a cigar tube, which holds only one cigar. The permutations are endless, so exploring your options is the best way to determine what your ideal cigar case looks like.

Should I Use Tin Cigar Cases?

Tin cigar cases are generally made for minis or cigarillos, so they do not offer adequate room for traditional cigars. Many smokers enjoy minis from tins because they are light, convenient, and do not take long to smoke. As an alternative to traditional cases, however, they are not viable. Some traditional cases are made of tin, which can be as about as effective as many of the hard-shelled alternatives we offer at Cigar Star.

How Are Leather Cigar Cases Made?

Leather cigar cases have been made for hundreds of years. Traditional leather ones are typically creased against a die to create the ring gauge of the cigars that will eventually be placed in the case. Some of the higher-end cases are also lined with Spanish cedar, which helps preserve the humidity level cigars need to stay fresh.

How Are Travel Cigar Cases Different?

One primary difference between travel cigar cases and ordinary cigar cases is that travel cases are often portable humidors. Because cigars start to dry out after less than a day outside of a humidor, it becomes important for travel cases to maintain the conditions cigars need to be at best. Many travel cases contain room for a handful of cigars as well as the accessories that you would bring along to enjoy them once you reach your destination.

How To Use a Cigar Case?

This one’s easy. Simply place the cigars you want to travel with inside the case. Many of the cases we offer here also provide room for other cigar accessories that become important when it comes time to enjoy the cigars. You can take advantage of the different shapes and sizes to find the cigar case that works best for you. We have sleek ones that only have room for a few cigars as well as more spacious options that may contain more cigars and their accessories.

How Does a Cigar Case Work?

Cigar cases simply need cigars to be inserted into them. They function as a shield, working to protect the tender cigars within from being damaged while the owner goes about their day. Some cigar cases also double as humidors, which maintain the moisture levels of the air inside so the cigars will be in top condition when they are removed.

When Should You Use a Cigar Case?

Cigar cases come in handy whenever you intend to take a cigar away from home. Whenever you intend to smoke somewhere other than your own porch, cases make the transportation easy. If you plan on carrying cigars in your pocket, a case helps protect the tobacco inside from cracking and falling apart. If you plan on going to a smoker’s lounge, a friend’s house, or a vacation destination, cigar cases are important not only for style but for ensuring your ability to smoke high-quality cigars in faraway places.

Is A Cigar Case Worth It?

In many cases, a cigar case is worth it. If you rarely smoke and don’t imagine yourself straying far from home in order to do so, you may be able to get by without one. If, however, you expect to enjoy a cigar elsewhere in the world, a case can be not only a luxury but a sound investment. By protecting the cigars, you transport, you decrease the likelihood of their being damaged. This practice may actually save you money in the long run.

What Kinds of Cigar Cases Are There?

Cigar cases come in countless shapes and sizes and are made from countless types of materials. Some only have room for two cigars, while others may house over a dozen; some cigars cases have no way of controlling temperature or humidity, while the more advanced ones do; and some cigar cases are sleek and contain nothing but cigars, while others have room for accessories. The right one for you depends entirely on your preferences and your smoking habits.

Can Cigar Cases Retain Relative Humidity? 

If the cigar case doubles as a humidor, yes! Cigar Star cases come in a variety of styles, some built to retain relative humidity and others are meant primarily for short-term storage. We recommend reading the product description thoroughly before purchasing a cigar case to ensure your cigar collection is properly stored with the correct relative humidity. 

What’s the Difference Between a Travel Humidor and a Cigar Case? 

A travel humidor is a type of cigar case! Travel humidors are smaller than a typical humidor, though they are designed for long-term cigar storage as they maintain the correct humidity and temperature to properly age a cigar. They are usually airtight and come with a humidifier that will maintain the proper level of humidity to keep your cigars fresh. 

Can You Age a Cigar in a Cigar Case? 

Yes, though it’s important that the cigar case acts as a cigar humidor to maintain the correct relative humidity and temperature to ensure proper cigar aging and quality flavor. 

What are the Ideal Conditions in a Cigar Case? 

Cigar cases allow you to carry your cigars while on the go. Make sure that they are protected from damage. It’s important to store your cigars in a cigar case where the temperature does not reach above 75 degrees F. It’s also important to maintain the proper relative humidity, generally around 70% humidity. Adding a small Boveda 75% packet will help maintain humidity on short trips.