Smoking a dried cigar – Cigar Star

Can You Smoke a Dried Cigar?

Can you smoke a dried cigar? Should you smoke a dried cigar? As an aficionado, you want your smoke to be a good one, and a dry cigar can definitely impact that experience. Signs of a Dry Cigar Since spotting a good cigar is a sensory experience, the same holds true for...

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Choosing a quality cigar – Cigar Star

How to Choose a Quality Cigar

Enjoying a quality cigar is always a unique, relaxing experience from start to finish. Once you’ve smoked a top-quality cigar, you’ll measure other cigars by its standards. But what are those standards? You may be asking yourself this question if you’re new to cigar smoking or want to present cigars...

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Full-Grain Leather Cigar Case

Full Grain Leather Cigar Cases.

Full-Grain Leather Cigar Case Are you looking for a Full-grain leather cigar travel case? The difference between full grain and genuine leather is the quality of the leather. Cigar Star cigar Aficionados cigar cases are designed specifically for the cigar smoker looking to carry everything in one tote.   The leather is soft...

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cigar shop Montreal

Cigar Shop Montreal

Cigar Shop Montreal Looking for the best cigar shop Montreal?  There are many to choose from. On a recent visit to Montreal,  I stopped into a couple of cigar shops. If you are are looking to buy your next cigar humidor, cigar cutter, travel humidor, cigar punch,  or leather cigar case. We...

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village cigar company

Cigars and beards are trending?

Cigars and Beards Trending Classic styling and nostalgia seem to be making a roaring comeback! Cigar star proudly supplies Village Cigar Company in Burlington Ontario with a great selection of our cigar humidors, travel humidors and cigar accessories. Village Cigar Company is set to open a second location in beautiful Oakville. A true...

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Easter Sunday! Oh what a wonderful day!

Easter Sunday, a wonderful day with family and friends. A holiday means pulling out those special stogies that have been sitting in your humidor for a few years and sharing with those that are special to you. Enjoy the sunshine and the memories. Happy Easter Sunday! Know your cigars will...

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3 year old Montecristo Limited Edition

3 year old Montecristo Today was a great day! 3 year old Montecristo Limited Edition 2010 Aged perfectly in what else our Cigar Star humidor. Amazing flavor and taste, even burn. Aged perfectly. This is why we have such an attention to detail and quality when manufacturing our cigar humidors. We at Cigar...

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aged or moldy cigars

Aged Or Mouldy cigars?

Aged or moldy cigars? How do you know? This box of cigars has been sitting in a  Humidor since 2010. My question to you is what do we do with this box of Montecristo Open Eagles? 1. Scream mold and toss them? 2. Tell some story about this being some sort of...

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