How long can a cigar last in a humidor?

The conventional wisdom is that a properly stored cigar is ideal for smoking around the five-year mark. Cigars can last much longer if they are stored at around 65-72% humidity at a temperature range of about 65 to 69 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What is a humidor cabinet?

A cigar humidor cabinet is a climate-controlled display case that you can set out your favourite cigars in a stylish and secure way. Cabinets with glass doors provide the most visually appealing way to display your cigars without compromising the climate-controlled environment. You can also select cabinet options that secure access to your cigars with innovative personal security locking features. Humidor cabinets are lined with Spanish cedar which helps regulate humidity inside the cabinet. 

Where can I buy Spanish cedar for humidors?

Spanish cedar is imported from Brazil and is available for purchase online at Cigar Star. It is not actually manufactured in Spain, despite its name. It is known for providing excellent protection against tobacco beetles and can preserve the tobacco flavour of your cigars for an extended period. Spanish cedar also aids in retaining the proper humidity inside a humidor. 

Should I take cigars out of plastic in a humidor?

It is generally a matter of personal preference whether to remove the cellophane wrapping from a cigar before storing it. It is a porous material that will help maintain the taste and flavour of the cigar while protecting it from any unexpected exposure to changes in humidity. It is recommended that if you are travelling with a cigar, you should keep it in the plastic wrapping at least until it is stored safely in a cigar humidor.

How do you calibrate a hygrometer?

To calibrate your cigar humidor’s hygrometer, you will need some iodized salt, distilled water and a container large enough to fit all of these items. Add a teaspoon of salt to the water in the container to make a paste. Place the hygrometer and the salt paste container into the sealed container for about six to eight hours. Check the humidity reading after that. It should read around 75%. If it is out of that range, you know that you need to adjust your analog hygrometer accordingly. You can also subtract the difference from your future readings with a digital hygrometer.  

How to line a humidor with Spanish cedar

Adding Spanish cedar is a great way to improve the insulation and protect against excess humidity in your cigar humidor. To add Spanish cedar to an existing box, start by measuring the interior panels so you know how much wood you need to cut. The wood should be at least 1/4 inch thick. You can attach the Spanish cedar to each of the panels with an adhesive. You can also incorporate the use of Spanish cedar trays and dividers in your cigar humidor.

How to lower temperature in humidor

Ideally, the interior temperature of your cigar humidor should not rise much higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice that it is much warmer than that, check to make sure that it is not stored in direct sunlight or near a window. You can try aiming a fan at the humidor to decrease the temperature on warm days. Also, try storing the humidor in the basement because the temperature of the house tends to be cooler down there. 

How to use a travel humidor

A travel cigar humidor is an excellent choice to keep your cigars secure on while travelling or while on vacation, away from your home’s humidor. They are different from a cigar carrying case because they are air-tight and control the interior humidity. They will come with a gasket to secure the humidor. Open it up to place your cigars inside but be sure to close it all the way when you are storing it in your luggage.

Where to place a humidifier in a humidor

Many desktop and tabletop cigar humidors have a circle cut-out underneath the top lid where the humidifier is supposed to go. You will probably notice two sizes of circles cut out. If you happen to have a glass top humidor, then you will need to pull out a tray that will have a circle space marked out where the humidifier should go. Humidifiers come in many sizes, can be placed anywhere inside the humidor, make sure you have a quality humidifier. Placement on the top or the bottom of the humidor should not make a difference.

Where to place Boveda packs in a humidor

You should season your wooden cigar humidor before you start to use it. This helps the wood reach and maintain the appropriate moisture level, ensures that the lid and base of the humidor have a airtight seal. Use one packet of Boveda seasoning for every 25 cigars or so that you store in the humidor. You can layer the packets or place them along the sides of the humidor. It is not a problem to stack as many packets as you need to use. Boveda packs can be placed directly on top of your cigars. 

How long should you season a cigar humidor

It is always a good idea to season your wooden cigar humidor before starting to store any cigars inside of it. This is the best way to keep the moisture levels at the ideal point. Try to add the 84% seasoning packets in the humidor at least 14 days before you put any cigars inside. Do not add them too soon. Store your cigars in a plastic, sealed container in the meantime to keep them safe and away from any water.

How to keep cigars fresh in a humidor

Cigar humidor polymer crystal humidifier are a great way to keep your cigars fresh in a humidor for long periods of time. You should also calibrate the humidor’s hygrometer by adding a salt and distilled water mixture inside before checking the reading. Be sure to keep the cigar humidor out of sunlight and away from sources of water. Keep the lid completely sealed whenever you are not retrieving a cigar out of it.

What is the best humidity for a cigar humidor

It is recommended that you keep the humidity level that your cigars are exposed to as consistent as much as possible. The recommended humidity range is about 65 to 70%. If the humidity is above that level, your cigars could be exposed to excess moisture, which causes the wrapper to split and ruin the cigar completely. Furthermore, excessive moisture can also cause, a poor draw of the cigar, and need continues relighting. On the other hand, if the relative humidity level is below that range, your cigars could dry out too quickly, causing the cigars to become brittle, this will also affect overall taste and flavor of your cigars.

How does a cigar humidor work?

A humidor is a useful device for storing cigars for an extended period. It protects your cigars from changes in humidity levels and temperatures by maintaining a consistent interior temperature and humidity level. Excess moisture will cause the wrapper to split and ruin the cigar completely. Furthermore, excessive moisture can also cause, a poor draw of the cigar, and need continues relighting. Insufficient moisture in the air can dry it out.

What is the best wood for cigar humidor?

Spanish cedar is widely regarded as the best choice for wood in your humidor. It comes from Brazil and is a proven way to lock out excess moisture while still preserving the taste and flavour of your cigars. Mahogany can also be used inside of a humidor. This wood does not aid in the flavor enhancement that you get out of Spanish cedar, although helps with maintaining proper humidity levels.

How long will cigars last when properly cared for? 

Though cigars won’t last forever even in the best conditions, a quality cigar can when kept under great conditions, last a long time. When kept in a quality cigar humidor, they typically continue aging and developing quality flavors for 5-10 years. After 10 years under ideal conditions, cigars typically will not continue their aging process and developing in flavor. 

What are the ideal conditions to store a cigar? 

Since temperature affects humidity, it’s important to store your cigars somewhere the temperature does not reach above 75 degrees F. It’s also important to maintain the proper relative humidity, generally around 70% humidity, though this can vary slightly based on the climate where you live. To maintain the ideal conditions for your cigars, it’s recommended to invest in a quality cigar humidor.  

How do I store a cigar if I don’t have a humidor? 

For short-term storage, cigars can be kept in a sealed plastic bag or Tupperware container. Adding Spanish cedar will also help with flavor profiles. It is important, however, to invest in a quality cigar humidor for long-term cigar storage. 

How can I tell if my cigars are too moist in the humidor? 

Any appearance of mold or swelling of the cigar is an indication that it is too humid in the cigar humidor. Also, if there is any splitting in the cigar wrapper, it may be too moist. 

How can I tell if my cigars are too dry in the humidor? 

A brittle cigar is a dry cigar. If you notice any splitting or hear any cracking when the cigar is squeezed, then it is a good indication that the environment in your humidor is too dry.