Cigar being lit with matches from Cigar StarFor many new cigar enthusiasts lighting a cigar may seem less a task and more a ceremony. For seasoned cigar smokers, it’s a ritual that promises a pleasant smoking experience at its conclusion. In any case, lighting a cigar shouldn’t be difficult, but it’s different than lighting a cigarette and it’s important to know how different lighters can affect your cigar. Fine cigars by their nature require special care when lighting because they are thicker, and the tobacco is more concentrated than in a cigarette. Also, good cigars are inherently moist, and we know that moisture affects ignition. So, what is the best lighter for cigar smokers?

Commonly Used Cigar Lighters

Torch Lighters

Torch lighters are preferred by many cigar fans. They are not only portable and stylish but efficient as well. They also provide a controlled, sustainable flame that’s easily adjusted for the best burn. Torch lighters are available with single or multiple jets. Butane fuels these lighters. Why is butane important? Butene is odorless, so there’s little to no chance it will spill into the tobacco and affect the taste of the cigar.

Soft Flame Lighters

Soft flame lighters are usually favored by cigarette smokers. They live up to their name and are not likely to burn your cigar.

Soft flame lighters emit a cooler flame so they will take longer to light your cigar and also reduce the risk of infusing your cigar with the taste of fuel. This lighter is easy to maintain because it has no jets to clean, but the flame is less reliable, and it can be easily extinguished by the wind or air.

Cigar Matches

Of course, a match can be used, but is it the best choice for lighting your cigar?

Note that the flame produced by a cigar match can’t be adjusted, so what you see is what you get. Match flames are also susceptible to drafts. If you must use a match, do use a wooden one rather than a paper one. Experts recommend you stay away from matches with sulfur tips as the sulfur can permeate the cigar and change the taste. Using a long match, like a cedar, will give you more time to light up your cigar. 

Zippo Lighters

Dependable, quick and windproof, these lighters have a reputation for imparting a taste of oil-based fuel to your cigar. If you absolutely must use one, it’s best to let the wick burn a little before lighting your cigar to avoid this unpleasant taste.

Cigar Lighting Tips

When lighting your cigar, remember to: 

  • Cut your cigar at its closed end to expedite air flow, but make sure that the components are intact, and you don’t damage the structure. 
  • Take it slow so the binder, filler and wrapper are lit. 
  • Hold your cigar over the flame, not in it. 
  • Carefully turn your cigar so that all of the foot’s surface heats evenly. 
  • Draw on your cigar until the ember glows. 
  • Remove the cigar from your mouth, and blow on the foot for a consistent burn.

Choose the Right Lighter for Your Cigar

At Cigar Star we devote a lot of time to researching and improving our line of cigar accessories for the aficionado. This includes a selection of different types of cigar lighters. Our butane-fueled lighters come in different price points and styles to suit your needs. We also carry wooden cigar matches that are low sulfur and won’t affect taste. Selecting the best lighter for a cigar shouldn’t be complicated. Contact us if you have any questions on what option might be best for your cigar collection.