Cigar Punch Spring Loaded Black Pearl

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Spring loaded Black PEARL Cigar Punch / keychain.
Very clever, very handy and very safe. Perfect draw hole every time!

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This cigar punch is an exquisite spring loaded black pearl in color and is mounted on a keychain. It’s always handy when you need it.
So many times when I pull out my cigar punch to cut my cigar, I am always asked “what is that?” Why not use a cigar cutter? I prefer a cigar punch over a cigar cutter any day.

The only down side of using a punch is if your are smoking a torpedo cigar. For these cigars you must use a V cut or double blade cigar cutter.

How to use this Cigar Punch

When the butt of this cigar punch is pressed down the spring loaded precision cutting blade locks to the cutting position.
You then slowly screw the punch blade from side to side into the “head” or “tip” of your cigar.
Do this until the blade disappears inside the head of your cigar.
Once the blade has disappeared into the head / tip of your cigar, you then pull the punch out of the “head” or “tip” of your cigar. This will leave your cigar with a perfect draw hole.

Once your have punched your cigar. Just press the button on the side of the cigar punch the spring loaded blade will retract and disappear inside the punch allowing your clippings to fall out while protecting the precision cutting blade while not in use.


Very clever, very handy, and very safe. Give your cigars the perfect draw hole every time!

Size: 2.5 inch long.


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0.1 kg


19 × 12 × 1 cm

3 reviews for Cigar Punch Spring Loaded Black Pearl

  1. Jason

    Great product at a great price very fast shipping. Can’t wait to shop again

  2. Ryan

    Worth every penny!

  3. Roy Dattilo -Best (verified owner)

    Took 2 days arrive. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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