Must-have cigar accessories from Cigar StarWhether you’re new to the world of cigars or a seasoned expert, there are several must-have cigar tools and accessories that make for a better smoking experience. Though different cigar accessories have different uses and benefits, it’s never a bad time to take a fresh look at the set of tools you’re working with. Though it’s certainly possible to light up a cigar with nothing more than a match, at Cigar Star, we offer high-end cigar tools available to further enhance your cigar smoking experience. 

Cigar Tools Every Smoker Needs

Draw Enhancers

Must-have draw enhancer cigar tool from Cigar Star

With the right cigar tools, it’s quite possible for your sophisticated smoking world to be completely reinvented from the ground up. A popular pick for all types of cigar smokers is the precision draw enhancer, which ensures that every cigar you smoke has the ideal draw that you want. Cigar draw enhancers work by loosening the tightly packed tobacco leaves within the cigar. Though it’s important that a cigar is tightly wrapped, simply cutting and smoking it can often lead to a cigar that is difficult to pull smoke through. By using a draw enhancer, you can create small holes in the head of the cigar that increases airflow and leads to a more even burn. 

Cigar Rests

Beautiful and practical, cigar rests are there so you’ll always know where to put your high-quality smokes, in addition to other key benefits. By using a cigar rest, you’ll ensure that you never place your top-quality smoke on dirty surfaces (like when you’re smoking outside) that can change the flavor of your cigar. Additionally, cigar rests have the benefit of helping create a more even burn when you’re not actively smoking. By resting on a perfectly horizontal surface, your cigar is less prone to canoeing, aka, burning unevenly. At Cigar Star, we have options from leather cigar rests for a more rustic, natural look to highly durable aluminum rests.

Cigar Humidor Keys

With top-quality cigars, it’s recommended to store them in a locked cigar humidor. This ensures your smokes are safe from little hands and pets, and helps to deter theft. Our humidor keys are compatible with any Cigar Star humidor, and whether you’re a new cigar collector or a seasoned aficionado, it’s important to have a backup set of humidor keys in the event that yours go missing. 

Multi-Purpose Cigar Tools

Must-have cigar multi-tool for cigar aficionados from Cigar Star

As a final must-have tool for cigar collectors, we highly recommend a multi-purpose cigar cutter tool. Our knife and cigar cutter combination tool is extremely handy, being small enough to carry in your pocket but sharp enough to cut your cigar perfectly, every time. Another feature of this multi-tool is that the blade can lock into place for safe use, and it comes with a pocket clip, which means it’s always on hand when you need it – and even doubles as a clip for your cash. 

Complete Your Cigar Collection with our Must-Have Tools and Accessories

Our must-have cigar accessories and tools will ensure that you have the best smoking experience possible so you can enjoy the unique flavors of your top-quality cigars. Explore more high-quality cigar accessories to add to your collection.