How to Use a Torch Lighter to Light a Cigar

Learn how to use your torch lighter from Cigar Star

Learn how to use your torch lighter from Cigar StarLighting a cigar is as much an art form as it is a technical exercise on the best way to enhance your smoking enjoyment. If you’re new to cigar smoking, you may not know that how you light your cigar affects how you experience it. Let’s look at why a butane cigar torch is recommended for lighting a cigar and how it impacts this action.

What Is a Cigar Torch?

A cigar torch is a portable, convenient, butane powered lighter. It’s a popular option for cigar connoisseurs as it comes in trendy designs and helps in creating an even burn. Looks aren’t everything though, as its functionality offers advantages over matches. You can spend as much or as little as you like on a torch lighter, keeping less expensive ones on hand for a smoke on the road and a more expensive torch for use at home.

A torch lighter provides a high temperature and a strong and steady flame that won’t easily extinguish. Plus, the flame is adjustable. A torch lighter also lights your cigar quicker than a match so you won’t have to draw as much to sustain a balanced burn. Our torch lighters come with single, double or multiple jets. The number of jets needed can be relative to the size of the cigar, though many cigar lovers prefer the single jet in any case.

Using a Torch Lighter

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the components of your torch lighter. Note that most torches have a protective cap. Locate the fuel tank and monitor the amount of fuel you have. Make sure you learn how to refill the fuel 

Adjusting the Height of the Flame

The adjustment on your lighter can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Once you’ve located the adjustment, you can experiment with flame heights. Keep in mind that it’s best to start out with a lower flame that carefully heats the foot of the cigar.

Lighting the Cigar

After adjusting the flame, hold your cigar so that it is above the flame, not in the flame. You don’t want to grill your cigar. Think of the process as similar to holding a slice of bread on a fork over a flame to create toast.

Creating an Even Burn

Gently roll your cigar, turning it so it’s evenly exposed to the flame’s heat. You can also turn the lighter if you find that easier. When you see an ember at the foot, take a puff.  Remove the cigar from your mouth and carefully blow on the foot of the cigar. An even, reddish glow should appear, indicating a consistent burn.

Use Only High-Quality Cigar Torches

Like all quality cigar accessories, a high-quality cigar torch will function consistently at home and on the go and add a touch of style to your cigar accoutrements. Here at Cigar Star, you can find torches across price points that fit your budget. Our cigar specialists can answer your questions and help you with your selection.