Cannabis Storage Humidors

Is cannabis your medicine? If it is, it’s imperative that it is treated with the utmost care and importance.

Why We Made Cannabis Storage Humidors

We at Cigar Star understand the importance of properly storing a cannabis collection, and have spent time designing the perfect cannabis humidor because one of our family members has used cannabis as their medicine for the past 4 years. With 4 kids in the house, they wanted something that would not only secure their stash and keep little hands out but also keep their buds fresh and prevent them from drying out.

Why is Cannabis Storage Important?

When starting your cannabis collection, you may wonder why is it so important to keep your collection stored in a cannabis humidor. Simply put, Cannabinoids and terpenes in the weed work together to give one the specific desired psychoactive or bodily effect when consuming cannabis and are only maintained when the cannabis is stored at the optimal relative humidity in a cannabis storage humidor.

Storing your cannabis properly preserves these chemical compounds at a specific relative humidity level to ensure your bud is ready to go when you are.

Cannabis storage humidor and accessories from Cigar Star

Quality Designed Cannabis Storage Humidors

Cigar Star has designed and manufactured cigar humidors with decades of experience, understanding and researching what it takes to preserve tobacco or cannabis for years in the proper environment.

Our cigar storage humidors have been keeping cigars fresh since 2001, back when we built our first humidor inside our garage. Since then, we’ve been mastering the art of cigar storage, learning from design mistakes, and, more recently, mastered keeping cannabis fresh inside our specially designed cannabis storage humidors.

Cannabis Humidor Features

What is the most important feature? Mold prevention! Our cannabis storage humidors are designed to prevent mold from forming while maintaining the flavor and smell of your cannabis!

Taking this vast knowledge and understanding of tobacco and cigars, we’ve successfully applied it to cannabis. Rest assured you will be getting the best storage option for your buds on the market.

Best Options For Cannabis Storage

Our Cannabis storage humidors are designed to maintain 62% humidity levels to ensure your buds stay fresh. They are the best option in the world on the market for your cannabis.

We have more designs coming out in May 2019 that we know you will love.

30 day no questions asked return policy gives peace of mind.

This will be the smartest purchase you have made for your cannabis.


Cannabis storage accessories beside a Cigar Star cannabis storage humidor