Should you acclimate new dry cigars before adding to your humidor?

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Should you acclimate new cigars in an airtight environment, for the new cigars to not rob moisture from inside the humidor itself?

This is a great question. You should acclimate / humidify dry cigars in an airtight environment prior to placing them inside your hmidor.

This way the new dryer cigars do not rob moisture from humidors that are well regulated / stable.

It’s a great idea if your new cigars become dryer then the desired humidity that you currently keep your cigars in.

Take those dryer cigars put them inside a zip lock bag or Tupperware with a humidifier.

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Allow the cigars to sit in an airtight space with humidity in order to bring your new cigars in a better state before introducing them inside your regulated well seasoned humidor.

This will only take a couple of days.

Others will argue that this is the purpose of a humidor to put your cigars inside of it and the rest works itself out.

Although this may be true it can be counter intuitive.

Because if you put a brand new box of dry cigars inside of your humidor that has say 50 cigars inside of it at a steady 70% humidity level and the cigars you put in the humidor are dry, they’re going to immediately absorb the excess moisture and probably bring your humidor readings down  5 to 7% humidity loss within a short time frame.

When this occurs a huge fluctuation in the humidity level you run the risk of cigar wrappers splitting and cracking.

New Cigars

Did you know? That each cigar will retain 1.5 grams of moisture within the cigar itself? It’s true. It is also true that the more cigars you have inside of your cigar humidor the easier it is to stay stable at the desired humidity level inside your humidor.

This is because cigars will act like a humidifier in themselves therefore enabling your stabilization of desired humidity to occur and maintain easier then say having 3-10 cigars in 100 count humidors.

I would personally take dry cigars or even ones that I purchased that my cigar shop in the winter months and place them inside of a bag with a Boveda 69% and leave them there for a couple days before introducing them inside of my cigar humidor.

Furthermore, this is just my personal belief…. I may be a little OCD.  I truly enjoy everything there is with cigars and cigar storage and most of all smoking cigars. Therefore we’re talking about this topic.

Noticing a significant difference in taste, even burns when humidifying my new cigars separately before placing them inside my humidor I find it causes less instability with humidity level fluctuations which is overall better for all the cigars inside your humidor.

Feel free to leave us a comment or how you prefer to store new cigars.

Stay Smokey My Friends!