How to create an even burn on a cigar.

We have all been there when the cigar your smoking starts to canoe and creates an uneven burn.


canoe cigar









Today we will touch some ways to some general tips to achieve an even burn on a cigar:


  1. Properly cut the cigar – Use a sharp cigar cutter and make sure to cut the cap off the end that you will be lighting. A clean cut will create a good draw and help in achieving an even burn.


  1. Toast the foot of the cigar – Use a lighter or a match to toast the foot of the cigar before taking a puff. This will help in creating an even burn and reduce the chances of uneven charring.


  1. Rotate the cigar – While smoking, rotate the cigar every few puffs. This will ensure that all sides of the cigar are evenly lit, and it will burn evenly.


  1. Avoid over-puffing – Try to take slow and steady puffs while smoking a cigar. Over-puffing can lead to excessive heat buildup, which can cause uneven burning.


  1. Be patient – Cigars are meant to be enjoyed slowly, so take your time and relax as you smoke. Rushing through a cigar can cause it to burn unevenly.


If your cigar starts to “run” or canoe, just knock the ash off and light with a match or lighter until the cigar no longer is uneven.

Furthermore, do not pull on the cigar when you are adding flame to the uneven part of the cigar.

For best results use a torch lighter, this type of lighter provides direct high heat to the foot of the cigar which allows for one to correct the unevenness quickly and effort.

Or your can wet your finger and gently rub the fast burning side of your cigar.

canoe cigar