Should you remove the cellophane from your cigar while storing them?

There is some debate among cigar aficionados about whether to remove the cellophane from cigars before storing them?
This question alone can cause a huge debate and opinions can vary.
Here are the arguments for both sides:

Argument for leaving cellophane on cigars:

Protection: Cellophane helps protect the cigar from damage and keeps it from drying out.

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Humidity: Cellophane can help maintain the relative humidity inside the cigar, which can help prevent cracking or splitting of the wrapper.

Argument for removing cellophane from the cigar:

Aging: Cellophane can interfere with the aging process of the cigar, as it can restrict the flow of air and prevent the cigar from developing its full flavor.

Humidity: If the cellophane is too tight, it can create a micro-climate that is too humid, leading to mold or mildew growth on the cigar.

Ultimately, the decision whether to remove the cellophane from cigars before storing them comes down to personal preference and what you believe is best for your cigars.

If you do choose to remove the cellophane, it’s important to store the cigars in a well-maintained humidor to ensure they stay at the proper relative humidity and temperature.

Cigar Star has you covered with the humidors, as for the cellophane you can leave it on your cigar or take it off.
I certainly won’t tell you that its wrong or right. Personally I leave the cigar in the cellophane and they smoke great even after years of aging.

Manufacturers sell you the cigar this way and cellophane is breathable….