How do I ash a cigar?

The best way to ash a cigar is to roll it along an ashtray. We recommend not tapping it against an ashtray, as it may ash unevenly and create an uneven burn or crack the delicate cigar wrapping. 

When do I ash my cigar?

A small amount of ash is good on a cigar, as it works to insulate the cap of the cigar. Many cigar smokers do not ash at all.  They smoke the cigar and allow the ash to stay on the cigar until it falls naturally. This is also a good indicator of a premium cigar. The longer the ash the better roll of the cigar. 

How do I know if my cigar is out?

If there is no smoke coming through the cigar when you blow back through it, it is out. 

Can I put my cigar out and smoke it another day?

Unfortunately, no. After a cigar has been smoked, the smoke flavor will be embedded in the leaves as soon as 8 hours later. If you were to light a half-smoked cigar a day after it was initially lit, it would taste of smoke and ash, lacking the original bold flavors. 

Can I rest my cigar on an ashtray?

Yes, in fact, it’s the preferred way to place a cigar when you’re not actively smoking it. Cigar rests on ashtrays work by holding your lit cigar when you’re not actively smoking it. By balancing your lit cigar on the rest, you’ll keep your cigar off dirty surfaces and maintain an even burn. 

Do I need a cigar ashtray?

Adding to the cigar smoking experience, cigar ashtrays allow you to rest your cigar and contain the ashes in the tray. Though they’re not an absolute requirement when smoking a cigar, they aid in creating the high-quality experience you deserve when smoking top-quality cigars.