Frequently Asked Questions About Humidity Beads

What are humidity beads?

Humidity beads are small gel cigar humidifier beads that hold water. They are used to increase and control the relative humidity in a cigar or cannabis humidor. 

How do humidity beads work?

Humidity beads work by absorbing water and releasing them into the humidor’s environment to increase the ambient humidity. They also work to remove excess humidity in the humidor if the humidity levels get too high. 

How long do humidity beads last?

Humidity beads can last a very long time. This said, if the humidity beads are releasing moisture into the humidor at a quick rate, it’s normal to need to replace them or rehydrate them more frequently. 

How do I know when I need to replace humidity beads?

You’ll know when your humidity beads need refilling because they will not only shrink in size, but your humidity reading within your humidor will be lower than required. Recharge by adding water and allowing them to absorb. 

How often should you change humidity beads?

It’s important to measure the ambient relative humidity within your humidor and to change the humidity beads when the humidity is low. Generally, we recommend checking the relative humidity within your humidor weekly and adding water to the humidity beads every 2-4 weeks if needed. This depends on how often you open your humidor. 

How many humidity beads do I need?

This will vary greatly depending on the type of humidity bead you purchase, though as a general rule of thumb, we recommend adding in one ounce of humidity beads for every 500 cubic inches within your humidor. This said, it’s important to read and follow the instructions listed on your pack of humidity beads. 

What types of humidity beads are available?

You can purchase different types of humidity beads depending on what is in your humidor. Generally, humidity beads are available in 70% humidity. 

If you are storing cigars in your humidor, we recommend investing in 70% RH humidity beads, whereas cannabis products should be stored using 60%-65% RH humidity beads. 

What are humidity beads made of?

Humidity beads are a silica-based, polymer crystal product that can both absorb and distribute moisture into a cigar or cannabis humidor.  

Can you rehydrate humidity beads?

Yes! Simply soak or spray your humidity beads with water, and they will absorb and store moisture then slowly release humidity to maintain the humidor’s relative humidity.